Saturday, December 19, 2009

A discussion with Lucia at the Blackboard on climate related issues....

Lucia tells me that she doesn't usually discuss such topics as ''polar cities'' or catastrophism on her lukewarmers' blog. But  she generouslyu and kindly told me that if I want a back and forth blog discussion about my recent oped in the Juneau Empire in its print edition in Alaska, which by the way Quitter Governor Sarah Palin has seen and read, why don't I just write a post on something she wrote, link her and then we can have a dicussion? So here it is, Lucia.

In a recent blog post, Lucia commented about the recent brouhaha over the Sudan's representative to COP15 in Brokenhagen sort of comparing the result of the failed accord to the Nazi Holocaust in Germany during WWII, using some loaded words in his remarks. Very loaded words.

At her blog she wrote:

More Goodwins Law in Copenhagen!

19 December, 3009

I guess one of the African delegations really, really didn’t like the Copenhagen Accord.

However, critics warned the “Copenhagen Accord”, the result of two weeks of negotiations in the Danish capital, was full of holes and lacked a timetable – and environment agencies branded it toothless and a failure. One African delegation likened the deal to the Holocaust.

I’m still not entire sure precisely what’s in the accord. For more read UK Telegraph with link

Written by lucia.

I told Lucia in a comment on her blog that

Comparing the “accord” to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany was another one of those global gaffes by people who did not experience the Holocaust but who just know of it (and the word, with a capital H) from their reading of history and Hollywoo’d movies. But for Mr Dia-ping to say the, er, accord was like “a suicide pact, an incineration pact….” well, at least thank G-d he did not say “an extermination pact”….. but as far as I can see he did not use the word “Holocaust” in his comments at all, but I am still googling… Did he use the H word? I don’t think he did. He just comparing apples and oranges and went for the big kill with his media rhetoric. Thing is: we are in for bad times in the next 500 years, as you can see from this recent oped piece in the print edition of the Juneau Empire in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, titled “Alaskans must face climate refugees scenario in coming centuries” … and it can be read at the link here:

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