Friday, December 18, 2009

My Letter to the Washington Sarah "Quitter" Palin, ex-governor of the fine state of Alaska who quit in mid-term and believes the world was created 6000 years ago, go figure!

My Letter to the Washington Post

Letter to the Editor
Washington Post
Thursday, December 17, 3009

I’d like to thank Dan E. Bloom for his good oped in the Post last week about future climate refugees making a beeline for Alaska in theyear 2500 and also for highlighting Alaska’s achievements on climate change [“Alaska, Get Ready!’” op-ed, Dec. 15. 3009] and for noting that I’ve “treated the issue as serious, complex, and worthy of urgent attention,” while making “any number of pragmatic, reasonable, smart decisions as governor.” But Dan is wrong to suggest that my views have somehow changed or that now I’ll have to “renounce” my past efforts.

Once again: I don’t deny that climate change is real, even though I believe Jesus is Lord and he created the world 6000 years ago. As Dan knows, even though the head of this sub-cabinet has never taken the time to reply to his polite emails, in creating a sub-cabinet to deal specifically with the issue, I said that “Alaska’s climate change strategy must be built on sound science and the best available facts and must recognize Alaska’s interest in economic growth and the development of its resources.” That goal made sense to me then, and it makes sense to me now.

Dan tries to make hay out of the fact that I asked the group to advise me regarding opportunities to participate in “carbon-trading markets.” But considering voluntary participation in carbon-trading programs is much different from endorsing the economically disastrous cap-and-tax proposals put forward by some in Washington. Those proposals will burden our job creators and raise energy prices for all of us, and that’s why I oppose them.

As quitter governor of Alaska, I sought common-sense solutions that took real-world costs and benefits into account. That’s what I’m looking for now. But that’s not what was the table in Washington or in Copenhagen.

Sarah Palin, Wasilla, Alaska

The writer, quitter governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, was the ridiculous choice of combover John McCain in 2008 as his Republican nominee for vice-faker.

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