Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarah Palin's "fans" are the real America: SIGH, one girl writes:" I'm a new private in the United States Army. I have your picture in my wall locker for daily encouragement. Sarah, I consider it a great honor to serve you. "

4 hours agoDavid Borrink You know, those who spend their time on here telling Sarah to go away or stop blathering really prove the point that she's on track and relevant, or they wouldn't waste their time.

I find that encouraging. You're striking a nerve, Sarah, and it's a good one.
4 hours agoJohnny Barfield I thank you for your forward looking .
4 hours agoMarianne Just finished reading your book "Going Rogue". I have a tremendous amount of respect for you in dealing with the injustices at the hand of the 'opposition' and media! Your faith in God is evident in how you think and act. I especially like your saying "God doesn't drive parked cars"..I hope He continues 'stearing' you forward;-) Can't wait for what will be have my support!!!! God Bless!!
4 hours agoMike See you in 2012!!! Go Sarah!!!
3 hours agoHoward The country has far greater issues:

Change of weather is the discourse of fools -- Thomas Fuller, 1608 - 1661
3 hours agoJames Munday Just fisnished your great book, while I was attending a four day hand gun class in Pahrump Nv. Cold.....jim
3 hours agoBob Sarah, Like most people I have a lot of admiration for you. You don't leap before you look. I believe good stewardship of the land is everyones responsibility, working in harmony with nature is always a good idea. However, I cannot support your position on Climate warming. It is the utmost in arrogance for our species to think they can have such an impact on a scale of this magnitude.
3 hours agoSharon Adams I lent my copy of "Going Rogue" to my sister after I read it. She commented to me that she wishes all potential politicians would have to write such a book, so that she could know all about the person. I congratulate you on a great book. I am very excited to see what you will do next. Whatever it is, it will be smart and different. Can't wait. Thanks for not giving in to all the pinheads.
3 hours agoMichael Merry Christmas Sarah, To you & Your Family! Hopefully You will be making some Well anticipated announcements in 2010.
3 hours agoBen Duggan Let us know when you are coming to little rock
3 hours agoDiana Holmstrom Appreciate your efforts, and am a supporter!!
3 hours agoBill Hoskins Thanks for your leadership you have our support. The truth is that you have the support of patriotic Americans everywhere.
The tea party rocks! The constitution rules! Let's take the counrty back from the Marxist in chief and his band of thugs!
3 hours agoGary Is anyone really surprised that a Washington Post "reporter" got it wrong...again?
Sarah, I honestly enjoy how frightening you are to the mainscream media. They're funniest when bloviating...kind of like Obama sans teleprompter or Biden just about any time.
3 hours agoTom Knoblaugh "Global Warming" is a liberal catch phrase. It is a political football being played by the leftists of the world in order to bring down capitalism. "Global Climate Change" is scientific fact. The climate of this planet has changed hundreds of times in its 4.567 Billion year history. Human beings are NOT the SOLE CAUSE of climate change, but we ... See MoreARE contributing.

Leaving fossil fuels behind will NOT be easy but it SHOULD be done. It just makes more sense to use things we can grow THIS YEAR for power than dig for something that's taken MILLIONS of years to form and will release BILLIONS of tons of pollutants.

I want us to get away from fossil fuels but I don't support those people on the left that want to use "Global Warming" to restructure the whole world's economy. We can make the change to renewable energy WITHOUT reviving the hammer and sickle.
3 hours agoBeverly Gerard Common sense solutions is what I want and you're right we are not seeing it in Washington or Copenhagen - Thank you for sharing your views!!
3 hours agoMark "'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

3 hours agoAndrew J Franklin With this humongous snow and sleet storm heading north, how can socialcommunists keep on plugging global warming??
Don't they realize how stupid they sound?? What really aggravates me is they keep trying to convince everybody that it's happening in spite of the facts.
3 hours agoMoira ONeill Mark you are not going to stop her so, "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
3 hours agoTed Go for it!!!
3 hours agoBob An Open Invite to all supporters of Sarah Palin I have created a free social network dedicated to supporting Sarah and her conservative views. Please come and feel Free to share your views, http://SarahPalin-2012.US
3 hours agoNorman Yeager We tend to confuse Global Warming hoax with Climate change. From 1975 to 1990 we were told that another Ice Age was imment. When the college grant money began to dry up, they switched to Global warming. IN 1997 thet told us that all island nations, London, New York and L.A. would be under water by 2004. My friends in Hawaii would tell you that ... See Morethe water level has not gone up a silly millimeter. When that didn't work they wanted polar bears on the endangered species list. The polar bear population has doubled in recent years and speaking of 1997, the mean average temperatures have actually cooled since then. TTFN
3 hours agoLinda Miller like that a lot.
3 hours agoFrank Wilson This woman has courage and heart. Thankyou Sara I am a huge fan.
3 hours agoTom Beagles Obama, Pelosi and 20 congressmen (who can easily be identified by their brown noses) go to Copenhagen to give their support for the fight against global warming...while DC is facing a foot or more of snow. God has a sense of humor doesn't he? And Charlie Gibson begins his last news cast with "there are actually three major news events I could ... See Morebegin with on my last night, President Obama is in Copenhagen working on a deal to protect us from global warming, or second could be that parts of the nation are facing major winter stroms". .. I changed back to Fox News before I heard the third.
3 hours agoBarb Cavelius Barb Cavelius If you look at cyclical climate change through out our planets history we will see another Ice Age before Global Warming “Washington's attempt to fix what isn't broken”, or make a problem where there isn't one. Don't get me wrong I am all for taking care of our environment.
2 hours agoSandra Jeanne Dorman I just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it. You are the quintessential American, and so typical of the average American pioneer, with an honest heart and convictions that reflect most other Americans'. I am very afraid for America, but I feel you are our hope. Just as like attracts like, you will build on your convictions and ... See Morecourage, and in a few years your following will be so large that you will lead us as one body to change all that is wrong in Washington politics. I was a part of the TEA Parties here in Victorville, and would like to suggest the acronym stand for The Ethical American (party). Could you please pass that on? Thank you for your committment to our country!
2 hours agoJason Roberts Simple, proven, conservative principals with a moral backbone I like it
2 hours agoStuart Caesar Sarah is right. Climate Change is real, unpredictable, and there is nothing man can do about it to improve it or make it worse. It simply is.What supreme arrogance to think that we; as a species that has been here only a short time, can do anything to "save" the planet. Ladies and gents; the planet is fine. We're the ones that are going away!! ... See MoreThis planet will eventually shake us off like a dog shaking off fleas. So, enjoy your life while you can, live a good life; help your fellow man, and stop trying to come up with new ways to separate freedom loving Americans from their hard earned cash to fund every weirdo liberal" cause under the sun.
2 hours agoBetsy God bless you Sarah Palin! You are a clear voice in a world of political chaos. Keep speaking up and speaking out against corruption in our Nation's Capital. Your voice is being heard loud and clear. And to Mrs. Palin and her family.........I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! God bless us all!
2 hours agoMolly Camp Before anyone jumps on the Al Gore Express, let's find out the facts. The science community isn't even sure what the facts are.
2 hours agoDan Stone I am currently reading your book and have found it very enlightening. Being an "old " country boy, I was raised on the concept that my hand shake was my word and we need to have a bunch of lawyers get involved. We have lost the desire to tell the truth. Our political "leaders" and a bunch of crooks--(not counting you in this group). The federal government runs on bribes, blackmail and extorsion and they call it politics.
I am tired of hearing all the "cry babies" who want the government to take care of them. I grew up working in the farming area west of Fresno, CA and starting picking cotton at a very young age. I enlisted in the Air Force in 1965. I finally completed my degree in 1976 and retired at the rank of major. If I can do it, anybody can. The ONLY thing this country owes any of us is the chance to succeed. It is up to each of us to work for what we want! I am ashamed that have been so brutally attached by what we call back home as "educated idiots" You can tell Nancy and the rest of the LEFT WING RADICALS that thay do not have a clue of what is best for me!!!!!!

Good Bless you and your family! I know you will keep the faith!
... See More
By the way, I had the previlege of being stationed at Elmendorf in the mid 80's.

Dan Stone, Major, USAF (Retired)
2 hours agoGene McCuistion Sarah thanks for standing up to those that are trying to make a buck off climate, and by the way tanks for watching the polar from your house. A Fan
2 hours agoMatt Gambrell I like to have bread to sop my varmint laden gravy with and a nice glass of chiante. Merry Christmas!
2 hours agoCharlie Coombes Love the audio book especially since you are reading it. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and you familly. Keep up good fight.
about an hour agoAmy Stene Lyons We are so thankful for what you are doing. Please keep it up. We wish you and Todd and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Michael and Amy Lyons, Independence, MO

PS When are your coming back to Kansas City, MO?
about an hour agoBrinda Gore It was this time last year that Team Sarah was sending money to the Wasilla Church to rebuild it's faith and walls.
about an hour agoTeresa I hope we as Republicans and Conservative could actually follow our own Platform! I have hear Sarah Palin refer to the Platform and it is worthy to be followed!!! It is a fine instrument to convey Conservative values and guide Republican policy.
about an hour agoAl Eli You rock!!!!!!!!!
about an hour agoJoe McDonald "Going Rouge" going to Mongolia the day after Christmas. Got a call from Mongoila today and two Mongolian Women want me to bring 2 copies when I come next week. One will be used to witness with a lost woman.
about an hour agoJuan Toro Your position reflects the position of many of us that are independents. I hope you read these comments as I have not seen a direct response from you on many comments to the issues you rightfully present. That said, whew, I don't believe that climate change is the issue, it's what we are going to do with it. Regardless of whether we had an ... See Moreindustrial revolution or not, climate change is inevitable. My question to you is: what will you do when you are President?!? BTW, I'll be one of your first volunteers in Indiana. Cheers!
about an hour agoKristi Allen-Gailushas It should also be said that climate change is normal. The Earth goes through warming and cooling. Man has nothing to do with the changing climate, that is up to god and mother nature. This planet is 4.2 billion years old and has survived many things. It is a strong beautiful place and we (humans) have no impact on the climate whatsoever.

Keep up the good work Sarah!
about an hour agoGita psh. sarah palin doesn't need to "cry for attention". obviously, she has everyone's attention already, including yours.

palin 2012
59 minutes agoAndrew Bell The lame stream media continues their attacks. Keep going. You have my vote in any primary.
38 minutes agoRonald Griffin Keep going Sarah! Never give up!
31 minutes agoGinny French You go girl. I am behind you.
30 minutes agoDon Rychlak I wonder if Sarah would get all this attention if she looked like Janet Reno?
24 minutes agoC.N. Crisler Sarah, I am proud to have such an intelligent and down home person interested in public office. You come from a stste I wish I could call home now but I have a wife who doesn't like cold that much so OH WELL! I lived at Ft. Greely outside of Delta Junction back in the 60s and think it is the most beautiful place in the world. I wish you would ... See Moreconsider running for President soon so we can get you elected.Sure would like to see you run with Michele Bachman or Rand Paul, you guys would be a steamroller over the far left especially if the TEA PARTY became the party of the future! Thanks again, C.N. Crisler
21 minutes agoFaithful I love the fact that Sarah Palin continues to be the target that shoots back.
20 minutes agoJamie Shoemaker Sarah,
I'm a new private in the United States Army. I have your picture in my wall locker for daily encouragement. Sarah, I consider it a great honor to serve you. My mom bought me your book for my birthday which was Monday. Sarah, thank you for doing what you do. Love you girl!
7 minutes ago

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