Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter from a young man, 21, about polar cities and climate change...

"Hi there Danny,

First of all, thank you for adding me to your Faceboook page on climate, it's good to have someone I
can have an important, and realistic discussion about Climate change
with. I have many questions, and many things I want to discuss.

you, I have a quite pessimistic view about where the world is heading
in the next few decades, which is reinforced by the speed at which
global warming is happening.

For few years, this made me quite
depressed, because it made me realize how I would have to give up some
my lifetime goals and dreams to deal with the realities of climate
change, as well as have to start my adult life at a time when
catastrophic global events will likely unfold.

I always wanted to
direct superhero movies in a big budget studio, but that dream seems
quite unrealistic now. Starting a family is gonna be out of the
question by the time I'm 35, because there is no way I would put a
child in a world which entire continents become deserts, and billions
of people scramble for arable land.

Sorry for all the depressiveness right off the bat, but that aside,
I'm glad to be able engage in a healthy discussion with you about the
reality of the biggest issue in the world. I would love to also hear
your story about polar cities as well, and hear your perspective on things.

There's alot of things I would like to discuss such as: how you think
the climate might shift in the near future, the role of renewable
energy in climate change migitation, the prospect of geoengineering,
and the long term prospect of polar cities.

I would love to discuss them with you soon."


A college student

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