Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis -- Film description - A Rollercoaster ride exploring two different outcomes in our efforts to save the planet.

Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis

Film description - A rollercoaster ride exploring two different outcomes in our efforts to save the planet.

The year is Denmark 2038, a man reflects back over his life to the day he was born. The night of the millennium, reflecting back with sadness and cynicism to a world ravaged by climate change.

He explains how climate change got progressively worse, due to scientists and governments not reaching agreement on targets and more so due to people's indifference. Not enough resources went into addressing the cause and the solutions. So first we fought wars over oil, then water, then food. The oil dried up faster because we never learned to grow food at home. The man looks back to people's indifference recounting how we made the same error as the Easter Islanders, putting the building of monuments before protecting the monument of life, the Earth.

A man, on the beach, reflects back from Copenhagen 2009, a pact was agreed by all sectors of society ranging from governments to NGO's, unions, schools, universities and retirement homes with the public to join forces in a combined effort to save the planet.

Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis was how we transformed society back in tune with nature. In Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis we found our purpose, learning and teaching about green living and renewable energy. We were all learning together, on the same team, contributors to the common good, us all giving generously what we could spare, skills, money or resources. Ecoplazas linked around the world via satellite and Internet. We copied nature searching for niches and opportunities to green our lives, our homes, our families and companies. It was all about dialogue and the art of continuous improvement.

Ecoplazas celebrated our local history; they were buildings of culture, leisure, architecture, the arts and the excellence of the human spirit. Ecoplaza a green leisure oasis. In ecoplaza, thousands of green jobs and a low carbon economy were created through green, carbon neutral and Earth-gain transactions being developed and carried out. In Ecoplaza, you could take the plunge and bungee jump into a greener world. Ecoplazas were both for fun and the meeting of minds, encouragement and support. They were universities of living, where we learned to become the generation of regeneration.

First in our visions then in village squares.

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