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Lite'N Up! -- Laugh Yourself Skinny with Samara Q. Klein


Lite'N Up! -- Laugh Yourself Skinny with Samara Q. Klein

by Diet Ggiirrgll

March 15, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO -- This is my kind of book, for two
reasons. One, I need to go on a diet, and the
sooner the better. And two, because I love humour. As author Samara Q.
Klein says, and I quite agree, dieting should be neither too serious
nor too lacking in humour. If that is how you feel about your body and
your life, then this book is for you.

Klein, a marketing consultant in New York, still in her 20s, says that
being obsessed with losing weight is a sure prescription for disaster.
We end up anxious all the time and then reach for a bag of fried chips
to pacify our anxiety, which causes us to feel badly about ourselves
and then we reach for a pint of double-chocolate fudge ice cream in
which to drown our sorrows. Where have I seen that kind of behavior
before? In my own San Francisco apartment, that's where. I plead
guilty on all counts.

Still, the only way to lose weight is to diet, Klein writes. All diets
remove the junk from our trunks, as she puts it, but it's not the diet
that's difficult, it's the sticking to it thats seemingly impossible.

"We start off strong, full of resolve and determination, only to lose
our conviction three days later," Klein writes. "A favorite desert on
the menu, a bag of cookies after a hard day at work, PMS cravings --
these are the situations that doom us to failure."

But this is exactly where her book, titled "Lite'n Up" comes into
play. It pairs two seemingly contradictory positions -- chilling out
and maintaining resolve -- in hysterically funny reminders. "After
all, it's hard to stuff your face when you're laughing," the born
funnylady writes.

On an accompanying blog for her book website, Klein gives some good,
free advice as well.

"Do not be fooled! Those people who can eat and eat and eat and never
gain a pound are imposters," she says. "They may eat in front of you,
and then not eat for days to make up for it. Or they may have a
tapeworm. Yes, there are a handful of women that can eat and eat and
eat, but they will gain a pound; just wait a few years and then check
in with them. That fabulous metabolism they once had will have
disappeared, but their hips and thighs will not have."

So what's the lesson, the take-home message? "The lesson is: Do not
give up your diet by saying, Some are naturally thin and I am not;
what's the use? Remember: inside every thin person is a fat person
waiting to get out and ruin her life."

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A new TRIED BUT TRUE -- and HUMOROUS! -- new take on the diet scene by
a 20 something New Yorker

NEW YORK -- Samara Q. Klein once lost 40 pounds and never found them
again. Now she's written a book about how to lose weight with humor,
yes humor, and this new, novel take on losing weight is full of
Klein's godo sense of humor. Titled "Lite'N Up!: Laugh Yourself
Skinny", the paperback from Plain White Press in New York is coming
out in February, and while there will be no book tour to promote the
book, the twentysomething Klein says she will use the Internet and the
blogosphere to attract readers.

A natural-born humorist, Klein has come up with some pithy soundbites about how to lose weight
using humor: among them, "The 11th Commandment: thou shall not weigh
more than thy refrigerator"and
"It's a bit confusing but true: to have a French woman's body, you
must not eat French bread, French toast, or French fries."

Klein, who lives in Brooklyn and works in New York in marketing,
firmly believes that dieting in America shouldn't be so serious and
humorless! She also firmly believes that being obsessed with losing
weight is a sure prescription for disaster. She thinks losing weight
should be fun. Fun every day!

Her sassy humor is the perfect meal ticket for people who want to lose
weight in a relaxing, natural way, and she likes to tell people who
really want to shed some pounds: "Remeber, today is the first day of
the rest of your hips."

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