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"Home Energy Fraud" - Green Building Movement - Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Bruce Wingfield

A man in the USA tells me: "I have a manuscript I have started titled,
"Home Energy Fraud."

I am looking for a
reporter to cover this

However this may be problematic in that the story is negative towards
the Green Building Movement and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions crowd.

Don't get me wrong I am strongly supportive of Energy Efficiency and
the Environment, however will not support lies, fraud, and deceptions
by home builders, non-profits corporations and the federal government.

If you are of equal mind-set, please let me know. The story is still
unfolding, but I have enough information that it can become public.

Bruce Wingfield says

He adds: "Home Energy Fraud"

The October 2008 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine ran a three page
extremely critical story on the problems with refrigerators and the
Energy Star program. A French manufacturer of refrigerators had found
a way to cheat the program because of the inspection process and poor

This is a true story of Fraud regarding this same Energy Star program
and this time it is more than just a small appliance in the home, it
is the entire home itself. Imagine if the majority of the 120,000
homes labeled Energy Star every year are NOT very energy efficient!

Currently I have a good story to tell a reporter, including 86 color
Many of these pictures are thermal images taken by infrared
camera. The story is still developing and will continue to gain
attention. A web site has been built and will be launched soon at

I fully intend to litigate the energy issues of my home with the home
builder in a court of law. There are even implications that could
send people to federal prison courtesy of the Internal Revenue

As such the market potential is huge with this type of publicity.
Home builders, code officials, energy inspectors, and of course home
owners will want to read the book to learn how to save money on their
energy bills. This book ridicules the efforts of the GREENHOUSE Gas
Emissions crowd and proves that this is a paper process and not real
world. Liberals will not like this book, conservatives will love it.
Controversy should help sales, not hurt it. The EPA will hate it,
because it exposes their incompetence and efforts to sweep this
problem under the rug.

My name is Bruce Wingfield and I am fully qualified to write this
My expertise is in construction
Please contact me at in USA at area code (614)-891-2151 or email at

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the article tip. I have noticed that the Energy Star ratings are based only within refrigerator type, not between types. As a rule, top freezer refrigerators are the most efficient, so you would think the energy star program would point that out. But it doesn't, because refrigerators in the side-by-side and bottom freezer categories are separate energy star categories, so the best in those categories get the star, regardless of how inefficient they are compared to refrigerators in the top freezer category. Also, whether the refrigerator has an icemaker and the total size in cubic footage creates additional categories. As a result, the program seems to me to be nearly useless in steering consumers to the most efficient appliances, instead promoting big side-by-sides. Similar to what has happened with CAFE car standards since the 1980's. Auto makers switched from cars to gas guzzling trucks because trucks were not added to the CAFE requirement for cars. And now there's a scam where E85 vehicles need only count 15% of their fuel usage toward the requirement. With houses, the greatest efficiency would be realized by having the least amount of window area. Even the best windows used in commercial construction have much worse energy performance than insulated walls. But as long as builders are using insulated lowE windows, just marginally better than standard insulated glass, they can have as many as they want. So we have created a new crop of energy guzzling McMansions with solid walls of windows. For true low energy consumption windows, you could use multiple panels of fixed pane fiberglass SeriousWindows (R11.1) which exceed Energy Star requirements by 300%. Now show me someone who does that!