Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How some people react to the concept of polar cities for survivors of global warming in the year 2500

''jack'' at emilymagazine posts an angry blog comment post after reading my comments about the possibility of the need for polar cities in 500 years:

Hey Danny Boy

I need to address your inappropriate eco-political ramblings; because, well, it just REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

Now, you go right ahead and conserve. The rest of us will enjoy our lives, all the more, at your expense.

You are prophesizing an apocalyptic vision for the world by year 2500. Are you nuts? Do realize the infinite possibilities of what can happen in intervening 491.78 years? Has anyone told you that you are extremely negative?

And, of course, I love that you believe you have the right criticize the rest of us.

Who appointed you to be the world’s conscience? Did we ask for your advice? Has anybody ever asked for your advice? Do you know what delusional means?

I call your attitude:


Now please don’t take any of this too harshly as it was written in the spirit of love and service.

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