Thursday, March 5, 2009

Letter from 2030 A.D. by Bob Williamson, Australian climate activist

LETTER TO THE FUTURE: written by Bob Williamson in Australia, climate activist

Well it’s now January 1st 2030.

Thanks to all of you for your daily hologramletters, I look forward to them every day.

There seems more time in the day these last few years to put my thoughts down and to keep in touch with the few of you that are left. Sadly many of my friends and yours have fallen by the wayside. Their homes swallowed up by advancing deserts or inundated with rising sea levels. Some have sarcome to starvation and lack of clean drinking water and many to disease. I know a few must have survived by moving to the remaining isolated areas that can still support life, but many have lost contact and I fear we will never hear from them again.

As I sit down this New Years day to write this letter to you my friends, I look back on the last few years since the publishing of my book ZERO Greenhouse Emissions -The Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World and ponder what more I could have done to change the future, with a sense of sadness. Then I was only 56 now I am a 77. I have reached what they once called three score years and ten and passed it by seven long years. But what a time it has been.

Years have passed since the hope for our planet hinged on this or that politician being elected to make a change but none did.

I remember in 2009 when the first African American President was elected to the United States. President Obama just like my hopes and dreams has now passed into history. They say the mistake he made was to focus efforts on trying to save an economic system that was inevitably destined for demise. A system that relied not only in preserving the way of life of the American population that could not be saved under the way that they had lived, but missed the point that these issue were transitory, but the climate crisis was not.

I look back now with sadness that all were listening to today’s problems but ignoring those that would strike tomorrow. We had the chance back then but failed. I thought if enough woke up – bought my book and realised the truth then, we would become the army of concern for a safe future that would change our future to one that was not finite. As I sit here now I’m saddened that we missed that opportunity.

We will more than likely be described by those that survive this time in the short history of man, as those that could have made a change, but could not be bothered. Those that could have made a difference, but just didn’t care about others.

Those that could have saved humanity, but just kept on consuming.

Those that could have secured a safe future, but just kept bickering about who should be first.

Those that could have saved humanity, but preferred to go shopping.

I don’t know what more I could have done. Even now; looking back on the last 21 years, I don’t know what more; I could have done.

In 2008 when I wrote the book, I thought I could make a difference. I pushed for every mother of every child, every father of every child, to read it to understand how we were putting their children – not just theirs, but mine and yours in peril. They were deaf to the pleas. I, as with many others worked tirelessly to wake them up. Wake them up from the illogical sleepwalk they were on. They slept on. Many of these other crusaders for change have now gone. I still lament the passing of James Lovelock, Al Gore amongst others. I miss their wisdom and their passion.

So here we are in 2030 with the outcome of our global sleepwalk and that of our political masters back in those days. Here we are in world of irreversible of climate change. Here we are in a world of atmospheric concentration of CO2-e of 1,000ppm at the level of 55 million years ago. At the level as we are seeing now where all ecosystems have failed and only a few of us still survive. They say there may be as few as 200,000 of the 7 billion of the worlds population in 2010 left by 2050. I know I won’t be one of them.

It is amazing looking back that we fell for the claims from Industry and from world politicians that we could go on as we had and there would be no outcome to our lives or the planet. I know many at the time believed these messages and went on as they always had. Sad isn’t it that so many have died because of this ignorance and complacency?

I remember in the first decade of the 21st century when they saw the Polar Regions heating up at three times the global average and they just said that further evidence was needed before verifiable scientific reports could be presented. Then the West Antarctic ice shelves collapsed and they said well we thought they might. Millions then perished.

I remember at the same time they were telling us that the permafrost in the Arctic was melting and would release billions of tonnes of methane into the already overburdened carbon pool in the atmosphere, but no one listened. I remember at that time when we were at 390ppm that the world had been a very different place to when levels had been that high before. We knew that at 390ppm in 2008 the concentrations of CO2 were almost identical to those in the Pliocene atmosphere 3 million years ago and that global temperatures then were 3 degrees higher than the average in that first decade of the 21st century, but we just went shopping.

So we let emissions keep rising. We allowed the polluters of our fragile planet to keep polluting, we allowed ourselves to keep going on as we had. And then it hit. We didn’t think it would; but then as they say Shit Happens.

I’ll write tomorrow. Stay safe – stay indoors. Much hope to you all.

Kind Regards
Bob Williamson
Founder & Chair
Greenhouse Neutral Foundation
+61 8 9295 6035
Author of 'ZERO Greenhouse Emissions - The Day The Lights Went Out - Our Future World'


Anonymous said...

God willing I will write again tomorrow but remembering the words of John Bradford, the martyred English Protestant reformer who penned “There but for the grace of God go I,” Now we know he may have signed off with “There for the grace of Man go all.”

Your friend as always
Bob Williamson

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

I'm amazed that I have found you, after all these years, you're the first that I knew from the past that I've seen. It seems forever since I've had the luxury of electricity. Only a few short days ago did I find in the last part needed to repair a broken-down generator I found once able to make my way back to what used to be a metropolitan area. It's been a difficult road this almost 2 decades - the hardest part of survival being able to find clean water and food supplies to sustain me through this journey.

I've been in this city for several weeks now, cautiously exploring and yet to find no other living souls. I have a few plants growing up here in this office suite I've settle my residency in. It must have been a high paid executive's office. Sitting here looking out over the desolation, (it's obvious that this city was deserted long ago, maybe even before the cataclysmic change at the end of 2012) I can't even imagine what the previous resident of this office may have been thinking as things were coming to an end.

So here I find myself, now scouring through what little is left of world wide web, the most expansive communication network at the peak of our "technological" age finding more of a ghost town than the one I find myself living in. How stable this connection will be I can't say, though I will keep in contact as often as I can.

It's funny, I can still remember how mind-boggling and overwhelming the technology that was going to change the world (and of course did as we witnessed our own destruction)... now it seems not much more than a shattered shell of a memory, and all the kings horses and all the kings men that which consumed every possible natural resource, polluted and destroyed civilization, could not fix it and put it back together again.

We saw it coming, and I joined your cause to enlighten the world ~ we tried to get them listen, take action, and change their ways, but as we sit here now, we know it was too late. Oddly enough, I still have hope that there will be redemption that life can survive and once again flourish on this planet ~ we've made it this far, however few of us there are, where no one was supposed to make it at all. Maybe, just maybe, now we have the chance to teach those that are left so that the nature can heal and live again, albeit not in our lifetime, maybe in the centuries to come.

If only in our dreams...

Ever in friendship,
Suzanne (ByDezin)

IMRAN said...

Very nicely done.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anon tester, it works! see!