Wednesday, April 1, 2009

YouTUbe News: GRADUAtion speech to the class of 2099 in the future

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[edit] Effectiveness of car alarms
Since many car alarms are triggered accidentally, most people in Taiwan and in American cities are numbed to the sound of alarms, and do nothing to prevent theft. Because of their significant contribution to noise pollution in Taiwan and negative impact on quality of life in cities of Taiwan, many Taipei city dwellers treat a sounding car alarm with hostility toward the car's owner. The New York City Police Department claims that car alarms are actually making the crime problem worse (see their booklet called "Police Strategy No. 5: Reclaiming the Public Spaces of New York," City of New York, New York, 1994) because nothing is done about the alarms, the general impression is that no one cares about the neighborhood.[citation needed]

Because of the large number of false alarms with car alarms, many vehicle manufacturers no longer factory fit simple noise-making alarms, instead offering silent—but effective—immobilizers.[citation needed]