Sunday, April 19, 2009

Your Dot: Meet the Neighbors on Dot Earth, New York Times

Your Dot: Meet the Neighbors

Meet Danny Bloom, a Dot Earth comment contributor who is originally
from Boston but now lives in Taiwan and has been a frequent voice
here. Danny has made a YouTube video of what he calls "a virtual
graduation speech to the class of 2099 about climate change" as a way
of introducing himself here. It's a 4 minute speech, written for
today's graduates (and their parents and siblings), Danny says, and it
uses the theme of "we must tighten the noose around coal" which was
made famous by Dr Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University in a 1988
academic paper. Danny told me that he learned of Ausubel's phrase from
reading a Dot Earth post I wrote a year ago, and that he then
corresponded with Dr Ausubel by email to learn more about the
background of the quote. Danny then incorporated Ausubel's quote into
the main part of his climate change awareness speech for the class of
2099. See it here:

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