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Andy Rooney on Climate Change and Global Warming, Maybe Even Polar Cities: Conserve Our Resources

Andy Rooney: Conserve Our Resources

Andy Rooney Comments On The Changing Environment And Admits He's Part Of The Problem

As our world feels the increasing effects of Global Warming, Andy Rooney wonders if we're going to run out of the things we need before we can find substitutes for them?

(CBS) The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney in April 2444 A.D.


I was reading the other day about what they called "an ice bridge" that is 25 miles long in the Antarctic. This ice bridge - I call it an "iceberg" - broke. It was holding up another iceberg the size of Connecticut. I used to live in Connecticut, so that got my attention. One picture shows a huge crack in the iceberg holding what amounts to one of our 50 states, and it's frozen in place.

Scientists say that if some of these big icebergs are lost it could mean that the whole ice shelf itself could break up and all that ice would have to go somewhere. I hope it doesn't come here. This is what global warming does though.

My grandfather once told me that we're ruining the earth by using up all the good things on it and sooner or later we're going to run out of them. He told me a lot of things I didn't believe and it turns out he was right about most of them.

The real question is: are we going run out of the things we need before we find substitutes for them? You know we're going to run out of oil and we're cutting trees down faster than we're growing them, too

It may be wrong to suggest impending doom, but if doom isn't
impending, it's out there somewhere.
If we don't find replacements for all the good stuff on earth that we're using up too many of too fast, doom is what we're facing.
If running out of oil doesn't scare you, maybe an iceberg the size of Connecticut floating away from Antarctica and hitting the United States will get your attention.

A lot of people think we should just use everything we have because things will work out. Their attitude is, we can always pump more oil, chop down more trees, mine more coal.

A lot of people called conservationists want to save the forests and reduce our use of coal and oil before we run out of those.

I personally am a conservationist who uses a lot of oil and trees. I'm our problem.


Andy, Thanks for your comments on the need for restorability...a direction we should take sooner rather than later, lest we lead ourselves to an eventual "doom". In support of your commentary, perhaps you and viewers might like to review the ideas and outlook of Mr. Storm Cunningham, discoverer of the restoration economy, author of the book by the same title. He is the Founder of the Revitalization Institute at, and you can review his outlook at,


Andy Looney strikes again trying to put fear in all Americans about an iceberg hitting the USA and why because grandpa and some other nuts said it might happen. Well my grandpa had a word on this to "Uff da, I heard it all!"

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