Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Urinator: A green hybrid car that runs on urine!

The Urinator: A green hybrid car that runs on urine!

That's the headline. The rest of the story? Here:

An inventor in the Seattle, Washington area has created a green hybrid car that runs on urine, human urine being the best, "but it can also run on animal urine," says Arthur L. Settle, 49. "I've been tinkering with this engine for about 20 years, and as the climate change issues got warmer and warmer, I really got to work on this the last few years. It's just about ready now for a prototype, and I hope this kind of new car engine, running completely on human urine, collected in homes and offices and factories worldwide, can help lesson our dependence on fossil fuels."

You didn't see that story yet in your local newspaper? Google it.

Keep looking. You will find it soon enough. One reason the mainstream media does not want to report on this ground-breaking, night-relieving idea is, you guessed it, it's just not news fit to print in a family newspaper. But wait for Wired and Salon to get wind of this story, and editors around the world will be peeing in their pants.

Finally, a way out of the C02 conundrum we are in!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting idea.
Now figure out a way for women to do this easily.

I'd like to make what I think is a very important comment.

FOSSIL FUELS are mis-named. It's not just ancient dinosaur oil/goop, it's every living thing on this planet which has decayed and died...EVERY living thing. This is NOT a non-renewable resource, folks. It's just nature doing it's thing.