Sunday, June 8, 2008

Polar City Man: The idea-man behind "polar cities"

A few bloggers have called him "Polar City Man," the guy who came up with the concept of polar cities to house survivors of global warming in the far distant future -- Danny Bloom. So who is the Polar City Man, and what makes him tick? What brought him to this point in life, what and who inspired him to come up with the idea of polar cities, which he has also dubbed Lovelock Retreats in honor of James Lovelock, the real force behind polar cities, in a direct and indirect way?

[The story will be told here, later]


Anonymous said...

Imagine a beautiful oil painting left out in the elements.

Baked in 100 degree days, frozen by cold wet nights, drenched in rain, unattended by the loving hands a curator. Everything looks fine for a while -- then checking begins to appear in the smooth surface, mold begins to grow in the cracks and they widen, flakes of paint begin to drift from the canvas. So after a decade or two it is unrecognizable as a work of art. It's just a rotted old piece of wood and canvas.

Creeping dystopia.

That's the future.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I guess I meant, in the context of the rest of the piece, that we have moved from those of us who advocate powerdown/Transition saying "supposing business as usual collapsed and we weren't ready?" (to which the wider response has generally been 'supposing it didn't'), to one where the more general population say, as the oil price rises and starts to really hurt more and more of us, "suppose everything collapsed horribly and we weren't ready" and we find ourselves saying in reply "well perhaps it needn't if we can change how we do things", or "supposing we let go of some of the stuff we cling to, actually what we create in this new context could be quite wonderful". I hope that makes sense...

Anonymous said...

guess the comments are written by the same genius writing the blog??????????????


dear anon, above.

no comments are from other people. why your anger and antipathy towards me? it does not take a genius to see the future that is ahead of us......what's your take sir>?