Friday, June 13, 2008

Polar cities and northern transportation routes, year 2500

Dr. Trausti Valsson in Iceland has come up with amazing designs for a train routes in northern parts of the world. Very futuristic. Via vacuum tubes!

Could it happen? Add your comments below....

For more, see Dr Valsson's website here. He also studied at Berkeley in the USA.

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This poem was written by Trausti Valsson, too:


"A New World"

The Arctic from above
Is like a new planet.
Frost and isolation
Made it unknown.

A warm Arctic,
Is a new paradise;
A place to escape to,
From excessive heat.

Exploration and settlement,
Once a pride –
Have soured
From bad conduct.

Arctic settlement
Has to be planned
To make sure
It is sustained.

-- TV
(c) 2008-3009