Monday, January 14, 2008

xkcd [a.k.a. Randall Munro in Colorado] does some great cartoon panels, got a good write-up on and email poured in. This one (above) could even be about a trek to the northern regions in 2121 where an inhabited, operating polar city lies inside that huge cavernous mountain. Take a look. [Draw on, Randall! And thanks for sharing this one!]

Meanwhile, we received our first application for residency in our proposed and planned Model Polar City for Longyearbyen, Norway in 2015, funded perhaps by Sir Richard Branson or Bill Gates (negotiations are still underway). "Joey" wrote to us today in an email, completely out of the blue:
Hi Danny,
Great job on the Polar Cities material. Saw it today on the news sites. I was just telling my wife last week that I wish there was some way to a:) get affordable housing in Longyearben and b.) have a "green" home in the polar regions.
I work for a distributed company, so I can live anywhere in the world. Living in one of these polar cities model research sites would be very fun for us (and our small child). I wish you the best with this project."


danny said...

RECEIVED THIS LETTER TODAY, second such letter in one day:

model polar city volunteer residency


I would be interested in getting [more information on the qualifying requirements or procedures in being able to participate to be a volunteer resident at one of your model polar cities?

[Name With-held by blog for privacy]

danny said...

third letter today:

Hello Mr. Bloom,

I was just reading about the Polar City project and it is all very interesting. I was wondering if there is a process for volunteering as an experimental resident. I am currently 22 years old and have lived in Florida for most of my life. Living in a climate that is tropical (and often very hot) during global warming makes me think a lot about the future and how population patterns will change. I've always been interested in traveling and meeting people from all over the world. More information would be great.


danny said...


Hello, I just read an article about your 'Polar City'. My fiance and
I would like to volunteer to be residents. I think our backgrounds
would make us excellent candidates for the project. We are young
professionals looking to start a family in the near future. We've
already discussed traveling with our future child/children and would
like to expose them to as much as possible, this would seem like a
great opportunity. I have an extensive background in computer work
and the visual arts. I'm currently the Creative Director for a small
but success marketing firm, providing plenty of experience leading and
inspiring others as well as maintaing IT equipment. My fiance is a
nurse so the added benefits there are obvious. Please let me know if
you have any questions.



danny said...

5h letter today. Turns out Gizmodo did a story!

Dear Mr. Bloom:

I found out about your project via Gizmodo and we are very interested
in it. Our company runs several blogs in Spanish for the spanish
comunity (mainly Mexico, Chile and Spain). I would really apreciate it
if you would be kind enough to alow us to interview you either by
email or by video chat. In the event that you would be willing to give
us an interview (in english) for our environmental blog
- only one planet) I will put our reporter in
contact with you.

Many thanks for your time