Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Anonymous said...


"RE: your polar cities project:

Just remember that the world advances on outwardly strange ideas, not on repeating the same old hash, so more power to you.

.... Keep blasting away through the thick ice of the media that is hellbent on covering more of the same old same old, because that's safest for them....

Polar citie might never come to be, but it's an idea worth pondering just in case..."

dan said...

A very RESPECTED journalist says:

''Thanks Danny,
and for all the links -- fascinating idea and drawings but
surely things aren't that urgent,ARE THEY? If average world temperatures rise by
1.8 to 4.0 degrees Centigrade in the U.N. Climate Panel's "best
estimate" this century ..... Longyearbyen will still be
cold in 100 years' time, let alone in a couple of decades. Looking at
the Norwegian weather forecast, for instance, it's -18C today in
Longyearbyen (...and the sun doesn't rise there until early March after
the Arctic winter).

I'd guess that with a severe warming, Stockholm might be more like Paris
is now by the end of the century -- that might persuade some more Swedes
to buy summer homes by the Baltic Sea, but not move to the polar regions
unless they were cross-country skiing fans upset by a lack of snow in
the south."

[ED NOTE: i think he still doesn't get it. he doesn't sense the long emergency we are in now, nor does he sense the urgency of what is happening.....he thinks i am talking about real estate in the north, and cross country skiing fans.......oi! ]