Friday, January 11, 2008

DOT EARTH: a NYT global warming blog

One of the best blogs charting public reaction, pro and con, to global warming issues is Andrew C. Revkin's DOT EARTH blog at the New York Times -- -- and I read it every day and post comments when appropriate. You should read it, too, and make your voice heard there, too, no matter what side of the debate you are coming from.

Recently, a man named "BillD"posted this comment and it's scary, but quite a few people express the same ideas and feelings now worldwide:

"Currently we continue to spiral down our path to a dystopia led by our vanity, ignorance, and deniability. Some people have done the calculations on how much energy and resources it it would take so that everyone currently on this plant had the same standard of living and waste as the average American, and it came out to to the equivilant of a world population of about 75 billion people. The fact is, we have to change how we are doing things, however, I don’t believe that this going to happen voluntarily or in a nice way..."
[-- Post No. 28 ]

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