Saturday, January 12, 2008

John Feeney, who runs the blog, recently noted in a brief round-up of various items percolating on the Web:

Danny Bloom's bloomin' polar cities

Danny Bloom, who's commented on my blog a few times, is trying to get people to think. It seems he's trying to nudge us to consider how serious climate change just might be by imagining a possible future need for special communities in the polar regions for those who survive global warming. Environmental writer Stephen Leahy reports on Danny and his polar cities idea. In email, Danny told me he's completely serious, but [on another level his non-threatening thought experiment] is also “...a kind of guerilla theater public awareness wake-up call kind of way.” His idea is sometimes dubbed “quixotic,” but if it fosters discussion that can only be good.

-- John Feeney

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Said one comment post on John Feeney's blog: "As for “polar cities” — I only just heard about the idea. What I do know, is that it would be wise for all human beings to start thinking ahead. And not only that, but actually start changing our ways a bit....."