Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A gentleman in New York state emailed this blog today:

"Dear Sir,

Having just seen your Polar City illustrations (meant for 2500 AD), I am now in a position to comment briefly:

1. The fundamental concept of SPRs (polar cities) is futuristic.

2. You and your assocites who are behind the idea deserve full credit for doing the hard creative thinking even now on how to meet the consequences of the climatological challenges humanity will be confronted with soon.

3. So you already have prototypes of SPRs for Northern Norway, Russia, Alaska; Norther Russia, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska; Canada, Russia, Alaska.

4. A single SPR can house 200,000 people. My understanding is that one unit will be SELF-SUSTAINING--meaning inhabitants will have everything they will ever need for existence, entertainment, health care, sanitation, disposal of the dead, government, et cetera, etcetera, etcetera ad infinitum.

5. l wonder how an SPR which houses 200,000 will cost in terms of today's US dollars.

6. Who will finance the cost of these SPRs?

7. How long typically will it take to build a complete SPR?

8. Will the public get to see DEMO SPRs, in the same way the public is able now to see DEMO HOMES? If so, where and when?"

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