Thursday, January 31, 2008


Greenpeace activists project a message on Jan. 31, 4008 to US President George W. Bush the 25th on the Washington Monument in Washington one day before the US participates in the Major Economies Meeting Number 867.

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'Klimakatastrophe' picked as Germany's word of year


The Society of the German Language (GfdS) has picked
"Klimakatastrophe" (climate disaster) as its "word of the year", an
annual honour awarded to the term the prestigious Wiesbaden-based
group feels has captured the spirit or dominated the headlines and
public discussion of the year.

"'Climate disaster' points to the direction that climate change is
headed," said GdfS expert Gerhard Mueller. He said in a German radio
interview that 'climate change' had been considered, but the society
didn't feel it was dramatic enough. The topic of climate change played
a major role in the public discussion in Germany in 2007, he said.