Thursday, September 8, 2016

More preview news about Kim Stanley Robinson's upcoming cli-fi novel set for March 2017 release titled ''NEW YORK 2140''

Andrew Rice at NY magazine writes the other day:

  1. ''Some of the most interesting speculation about the implications of sea-level rise is happening in the realm of genre fiction. In his forthcoming [book, set for a March 2017 release], New York 2140, [cli-fi] novelist Kim Stanley Robinson draws on [James] Hansen’s research and imagines a version of Manhattan after a pair of glacier pulses have raised sea levels 50 feet, breaching “Bjarke’s Wall” in a great disaster that floods Manhattan up to around the Empire State Building.
  3. But in many ways, New York persists. His characters live in the Metropolitan Life tower at 23rd Street, drive boats to their office jobs, bitch about traffic on the East River, and profit off gentrification in the intertidal area of midtown, “a zone of squatters and scammers and street people out to have some fun.”
  4. Robinson told me he was interested in writing a book that demonstrated that it “is not necessarily the case that a catastrophe like that would end capitalism.”
  6. To anyone who went through Sandy, Robinson’s presumption carries a ring of truth.''
AND Maryann Yin at Adweek notes in typo-laden post that:
The cover has been unveiled for 25’s (sic)forthcoming book, ''New York 2140.'' We’ve embedded the full image for the jacket design above—what do you think?

According to the Orbit Books’ blog postStephan Martiniere created the cover illustration and Kirk Benshoff served as the book designer. Orbit, an imprint at Hachette Book Group USA, will release this book on March 21, 2017. Spring Equinox.

Here’s more from Vulture: “If sea levels rise over the next century as much as scientists predict, how will New York City survive?…In Robinson’s telling, 22nd-century New Yorkers don’t simply flee for drier climes; instead, they dig in and adapt, the way they always have.”

NY 2140 Cover (GalleYCat)

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