Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall 2016 university classes on cli-fi

2085-1 Lavender, I

Science Fiction Studies

Cli-Fi or Environmental Science Fictions

Humanity has polluted the oceans, altered the atmosphere, and caused both plant and animal species mass extinctions, among other impacts on the environment. Have we permanently altered/changed/damaged our planet? The term Anthropocene denotes our current geological era in which human activities have become a telling factor in global environmental change. Has the human epoch doomed us? When science fiction consequently goes green, it produces fascinating climate fictions or cli-fi. We will consider types of ecological degradation in this course as we explore the close relationship between science fiction, ecology, and environmentalism.


Fall 2016 Courses | English - UMass Amherst 翻譯這個網頁
Fall 2016 Graduate English Course Descriptions ... we'll have a reading of new work near the end of the semester; we may have a few guests; field trips; ..... We will read contemporary novels from a variety of genres: cli-fi (climate fiction), social ...

[PDF]Fall 2016 English Undergraduate Program Schedule of Classes 翻譯這個網頁
2016年8月8日 - But a strong surge in critical attention to the ecological crisis, climate change, ... Today's preoccupation with “Cli-fi” genres of various sorts is one manifestation ... We will spend the initial part of the semester addressing issues.

Integrative Core Curriculum Courses for Fall 2016 - College of Arts ... 翻譯這個網頁
Integrative Core Curriculum Courses for Fall 2016 · fall2016wordcloud ... EN 125, Seminar on Academic Writing (multiple sections) .... CL 250, Classical Drama in English (3 credits); CO 140, Journalism Practicum (1 credit, instructor .... Might cli-fi fiction raise our awareness about climate change and thereby shift our attitude ...

Cli-fi literature enlisted to create college climate change agents - World 翻譯這個網頁
2016年3月17日 - Cli-fi is the cool new literary genre taking English Departments across the world by storm. ... water wars in the southwestern United States, also fall in the new genre. ... Daniel Bloom, a writer and climate activist, coined the term cli-fi, and it came into use in the 2000s. ... 1986-2016 WORLD News Group.

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