Friday, September 23, 2016

12 ways that cli-fi novels and movies can encourage action on climate change

12 ways that cli-fi novels and movies
can encourage action on climate change
by staff writers at The Cli-Fi Report
1 They can "show" the story with powerful storytelling and characters rather than just tell it with scientific charts and statistics
2 The publication of cli-fi novels and the release of cli-fi feature movies to the global media can influence international leaders and public opinion
3 They can highlight the emotional side of the climate change story, with well-drawn characters and compelling story arc to bring the story home.
4 Cli-fi novels and movies can encourage empathy for the future.
5 Cli-fi novels and movies resonate in any language, be it English, French, Italian, Chinese, or dozens of other world languages.
6 By leading by example, and getting their books read and movies seen, cli-fi authors and screenwriters can reach people on a local and on a national and international level.
7 Cli-fi novels and movies pose an important question, which only individual artists can answer with their stories: Is the future to be hopeful or full of hurt?
8 Make sure that cli-fi novels and movies are part of the cultural spaces we inhabit now in the 21st century.
9 Cli-fi novels and movies might offer solutions; on the other hand they might picture a dystopian future without real solutions. In that case, or in both cases, readers and viewers will need to come up with personal solutions and understandings of their own.
10 Cli fi novels and movies will reach the young generations now in their teens and 20s.
11 Cli-fi novel and movies will stand out from the noise of a distracted culture
12 The stories that cli fi novels nad movies tell will be pivotal and important. This is the power of art and culture.

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