Saturday, June 18, 2016

Subgenres of ''cli-fi'' make for an engaging list

As ''cli-fi'' takes the literary world by storm, a bunch of cli-fi subgenres has also sprung up, suggested by literary critics, headline writers and novelists themselves. Among the growing list, with links, are:

''Cli-Fi Noir''

'Cli Fi Noir', From Finland with Foreboding

Posted and coined by on Oct 24, 2013


"The somewhat specialized genre of  insect-focused cli-fi"

[via "The World Without Us" by  Mireille Juchau...... "***the somewhat specialized genre of insect-focused cli-fi"*** a new sub genre of cli-fi]

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''Cli-Fi Westerns''
coined by scientist/novelist Philip Judge
"Sci-fi Cli-fi"

"Cli-fi Dark"

"Cli-fi Lite"

"Cli-fi Deep"

''Post-apoca cli-fi"

"Apoca cli-fi"

''Dystopian Cli-fi''

"Ustopian Cli-fi"

"Utopian Cli-fi"

''Literary Cli-fi''

"Critical Cli-fi"

"Nihilistic Cli-fi"


"Insect Cli-fi"
Flight Behavior
The World Without Us

"Storm-chaser Cli-fi"

"Post-Scifi Cli-fi"

"Atwoodian Cli-fi"

''Gibsonian Cli-fi''

"Bacigalupian Cli-fi"
The Windup Girl
The Water Knife

"Brinian Cli-fi"

''French cli-fi''

''Swedish cli-fi"

''Australian cli-fi"

''Arctic cli-fi"

"Antarctic Cli-fi"

"Antipode cli-fi"

"Christian Cli-fi''

''Climapocalyptic cli-fi''

Arctic Cli-fi

Suburban Cli-fi

New York Cli-fi
see KSR new novel NEW YORK 2140
coming in March 2017

Methane Cli-Fi

Droughtlandia Cli-fi

Cli-fi Cli-fi (''climate finance'' cli-fi)

PIGWANTED Cli-Fi ...[PGWTD] (People Get What They Deserve)

North-South Divide Cli-fi

Scandia Cli-Fi

OCF (Optimistic Cli-fi)

''Stop the World I want to get off Cli-fi''

''A River Runs Through it Cli-fi''

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