Saturday, June 18, 2016

My friend in New Zealand Ms. Philippa Doran.... age 86.....writes today on her FB page:

My friend in New Zealand, Ms. Philippa Doran.... age 86.....writes today on her FB page:
 ''Got a new battery for the old car. Lovely garage folks. Let's hope it doesn't let me down again. It's been sitting out in the weather since 1994 though, so has done very well for its age. It pays to get a good European make. Should see me out. I have to have a medical every two years now to get a licence.
Peugeot 106, no longer made in that model. A great little hatchback with room for a wheelchair. But I wish they still made the old WV Beetle, German version. With better lighting, it could beat most cars today. Top speed was about 70 mph, quite enough for most people.
We had ours (1959 German made) for 23 years, and went everywhere, even Skippers!
It's expensive not having a car. Taxis everywhere, and even $30 for delivering a prescription from the chemist.'' -

Just had the computer running while I did some odd jobs for over 45 minutes (I timed it), while some female yakked on about getting a slim belly!

I've heard that website before advertising other "health" stuff. In the end you have to pay for some booklet. I wonder how many people ever listen right to the end, and whether anybody takes the bait!

   Don't the Americans call that a filibuster? Yak yak yak with no pauses, repeating stuff over and over. In the end a man came on repeating it, so I switched off. Goodness knows how long he was going to go on. The marvels of technology!

They are talking on the TV about people taking espresso machines up Everest! Ridiculous. Next they will be wanting a cafe built on the summit, like the one on Snowdon in Wales. (I dont know if that is still there). But as for making coffee on the summit, at what temperature does water boil at that altitude? I doubt if the coffee would even be drinkable.

 There must still be unclimbed mountains around. Why not choose those and be the first?

 How will global warming and increasing CO2 affect the death zone?

 Will it start lower down the mountain?

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