Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sunbury Press planning Cli-Fi Short Story Anthology in 2016 - submissions invited

Sunbury Press planning Cli-Fi Short Story Anthology in 2016 - submissions invited, submit form to publisher.

Publisher is Lawrence Knorr, CEO of Sunbury. It is his idea, and his editorial team in Pennsylvania will read, select and edit the stories for publication in an anthology published by Sunbury Press in 2016.


A Climate Fiction (''Cli-Fi'') Anthology

Submission DEADLINE 3/31/2016
Call for Submissions: Sunbury Press Climate Fiction (Cli-Fi) Anthology. Sunbury Press ( is preparing to publish a Cli-Fi anthology with a title to be determined sometime in 2016.

The theme for this as yet unnamed anthology is Climate Fiction -- stories involving the imagined effects of severe climate change on our society set in the near future.

This is a new category of fiction we are pioneering. This is your opportunity to contribute to the foundational work in this genre.

Imagine a world where climate change has wreaked havoc on society, destroying or undermining the civilization we have built over thousands of years. What has changed? How do we survive? Do we survive? What challenges do we face? What new horrors lurk about? How brutal can mankind be when desperate?
Author compensation, upon publication, will be one contributor’s copy of the anthology as well as discounted copies for purchase by the authors.
Sunbury Press may need to keep your story for the entire reading-period, but may not be able to eventually accept it depending on the timing of other acceptable stories being submitted during the period.

Please do not call us about your submission. 

You can check the status of your submission by checking here online.
Note: Manuscripts not meeting Submission Guidelines or the Manuscript Format Requirements will be disqualified.
Submission Guidelines:
  • Must be submitted electronicly no hardcopy submissions accepted;
  • Stories should be between 2,000 and 6,000 words;
  • All stories must be new and original; no reprints accepted;
  • Stories cannot be previously published in any form;
  • No simultaneous or multiple submissions;
  • No fan fiction or stories involving any such copy-protected characters;
  • Stories must be written in third person;
  • Must be 18 and older to submit to this anthology;
  • Graphic scenes are not discouraged as long as they are integral to the story. Try to keep language PG 13. No gore-porn, hard-core porn or unwarranted cruelty to animals or children will be accepted;
  • The accepted stories will all be published with the author’s correct by-line.
Manuscript Format Requirements:
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced;
  • 12pt Bookman Old Style;
  • Bold or Underline as required;
  • 1" Margins;
  • Left Justified (Align Text Left);
  • No Extra Spaces Between Paragraphs;
  • 1/2" Tabbed Indents;
  • Section Breaks Marked With Centered ***  ;
  • Title half way down the first page, BYLINE/WRITING AS NAME below the title;
  • No Headers or Footers, No Page Numbers;
  • Use Italics instead of underline or _this_ or *this*    ;
  • Use "double quotation marks" instead of 'single quotation marks' for speech;


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