Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cli Fi Haiku contest via Twitter tweets using #CliFiHaiku hashtag

A cli-fi author in Europe today suggests a 'Cli Fi Haiku contest' and here it is:

via twitter as Twitter is best to keep track of them all. We are expecting 10,000 entries or more. Over the years, of course.

SEE: She suggested:  ''How about a cli-fi haiku Tweet competition?

Send your cli fi haiku to #CliFiHaiku w/ that hashtag:

SAMPLE ''Climate warming/ time running out/ head for the hills'' #CliFiHaiku

Just post a twitter with that hashtag so we can see it. The winner receives: we still haven't figured out what the winner should receive: any ideas on that? A free cli fi novel by a cli fi novelist? or what?

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