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AP wire reporter in Florida TAMARA LUSH publishes debut romance novel and HOT SHADE is one hot, sexy beach read

Can you find Florida on the map?

Tamara Lush is a reporter for the Associated Press in Florida, where she covers the news in South Florida for the wire service, writing about such pleasant things as murders, car crashes, kidnappings, murder (did I mention "murder" yet?), floods, hurricanes, the killer earthquake in Haiti and other stress-inducing news stories. On a daily basis. Year round. Phones calls from her editors in the middle of the night!

OPTIONAL TRIM: And oh, did I mention, she was assigned last year to cover the rise of cli-fi novels and movies and wrote a great wire story about the Cliffies, aka the Cli Fi Movie Awards. Which this year for 2015 gave the best picture gong to a powerful cli fi movie from the Philippines directed by the brilliant Brillante Ma Mendoza titled ''TAKLUB.''

OPTIONAL TRIM BACK TO STORY: So to calm down the stress of the daily grind of being an in-demand wire service reporter, Tamara does yoga, watches sunsets at the beach and just recently -- well over a three-year period -- sat down to write a hot, sexy romance novel for Buroughs Publishing, complete with a literary agent, an acquiring editor and a line editor, and an amazing debut novel marketing campaign in full swing now using social media to the max (in addition to blog tours, video trailers, podcasts and tweets). The book is on Amazon now and Goodreads, too.

correspondent in Florida | news, romance | My debut novel ''Hot Shade'' available now from |

TAMARA SAYS: "The idea of this book has been in my brain for a few years. As a journalist, I've covered some of the most tragic news stories imaginable. The Haiti earthquake. The Gulf oil spill. Too many murders to count."

[So] ''I wanted to tell a story with a happy ending.''
I'm a longtime romance reader and love books with intrigue and sex. I also couldn't shake off my years of covering crime in Florida. I began to wonder: What would happen if a young, rookie reporter met a hot Italian man while covering a story, then fell in love? What if the Italian was hiding a big secret? What if the Italian was also a journalist, but couldn't tell anyone because he was running from danger?
[So] ''Hot Shade'' was born.''
My Boroughs Publishing Group editor, Chris Keeslar, helped me bring out the nuances in the hero and heroine. We also talked a lot about the book's setting and how Florida is almost another character in the novel. As a romantic suspense, Hot Shade has some of the qualities of the Florida noir genre: sun-soaked, sexy and ever-so-slightly cynical. And yet, it's a romantic story of two people who find true love in the tropics.
[So] ''I hope readers enjoy the book! ''             

Hot Shade by Tamara Lush
Hot Shade
Release date: Sep 30, 2015
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Disclaimer: I received as an ARC courtesy of Boroughs Publishing Group via Book Plug Promotions in exchange for an honest review

While romantic suspense featuring journalist and/or politics or politicians aren’t my thing, Hot Shade did a great job of pulling me in and making it extremely hard for me to put it down. But, I have to admit, when I would put it down thoughts of what twists and turns the story could take next, or if the next chapter/section would be when Skylar finally puts Luca ou
Hard working, ambitious reporter Skylar Shaw is hoping her gig on a small southwest Florida newspaper will be a stepping stone to a career writing for bigger and better publications. When she goes out to cover a plane crash on the beach, it's a big break in more ways than one. Her story gets lots of play and she meets a mysterious and very hot Italian guy who witnessed the crash. Sparks fly and secrets mystery man Luca Rossi has been hiding start to come out as the mob and his crazy ex-girlfrien ...more
Tina Ellery
Tamara weaves a thoroughly entertaining—and HOT—story that’ll leave you begging to turn the page.

As a beta reader for this fantastic book I can tell you that Tamara hooked me with first few chapters. I felt forlorn while waiting for more to arrive in my inbox And when they did I would drop everything to give my greedy eyes the treat they wanted.
Lauren Runow
I loved Luca. So sexy and mysterious. And when he spoke Italian *** swoon ***
Definitely check this book out for a fun sexy read!
Lynn Brooks
Luca Rossi is sitting on his balcony minding his own business, when he witnesses a small plane crash right on the beach in front of his house. He is hesitant to call 911 because he doesn't want to have to give his personal information, but he runs down there to see if he can help the guy that was mowed over. The pilot is getting out of the plane as Luca approaches and he has him call 911 while he helps the guy.

Luca hurries back to his house as soon as he can because he doesn't like being out in
Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
3.5 Stars!
Tamara Lush is a new to me author. It was a pleasure to be able to read her latest book, Hot Shade. This is a romantic suspense story that has hot sun, hot sand, hot Italian men, oh and a plane crash and the Italian Mafia just for fun!

I usually need to parcel out my reading of romantic suspense. It gets to be too much for me and I need to take breaks. This book was not quite to that intensity. The premise is laid out pretty early and other than not knowing exactly how it would play o
This book was so much more than I expected, Hot Shade by Tamara Lush is a steamy romance with mystery.
Luca Rossi a very hot Italian who has a secret that he's trying to keep hidden, one that could get him killed and anyone who gets involved with him. Skylar Shaw is a journalist, who is investigating a small plane crash and trying to find out who the mysterious stranger is who saved one of the passengers lives.

Skylar meets Luca when she trespasses on private property to try to find this mysterio
Xariah Gaitch
I was lucky enough to be one of the beta readers for Tamara's first book and an amazing read it was.
The intrigue for the story is instant. How could it not be with international crime, romance, suspense, hidden secrets, the mafia, brilliant character's and constant curiosity.

The connection to the character's in also immediate and kept me page turning till the very end. Very lovable character's and there won't be a women on earth that reads this book that doesn't want them a Luca DeRossi. Even th
I had the luxury of participating in the beta reading process of this amazing book..and after reading this story I was hooked line and sinker..Call me a sucker for some Hot Italian, found my first words to Tamara Lush..after reading this book..

Wow Wow Wow I just Loved your book. When I say some people have it and some people don't..You my dear just have that natural ability to write. That book had me from the get go. I pretty much read it in one sitting and I never wanted to put it down. I was i
Tami Talbert
4 Stars – Hot Shade by Tamara Lush

When a friend asked me to give Hot Shade a try, I headed straight over to Goodreads to check out the synopsis. I was quickly intrigued by the combination of romance and suspense with which it teased me. To be honest, although for the most part, I do tend to stick to authors who are familiar to me, that is those whose books I have read in the past, I am still always hoping to find new authors to add to my list who have the ability to draw me into their story quic
Heather Hanson
I was a beta reader of HOT SHADE when it had another title, and was blown away by the story.

This book is not only HAWT, but it's well-written. I love me some New Adult romance, but lately the genre has gotten a bit stale for me. This book takes the genre to another level, something more interesting and intelligent.

The heroine, Skylar Shaw, seems mature for 22, but its because she has no family and has been living on her own since she was 17. She's a fighter, and I loved that about her. Her actio
Paula Millhouse
This romantic suspense hooked me from the first page.

Filled with scenes ripped from the headlines, the story follows fledgling journalist Skylar Shaw as she reports on news in modern day Florida. Skylar falls into the story of her life when she investigates a mysterious Good Samaritan, and finds Luca Rossi, a man with a dark past, deep secrets, and ties to the mafia he's unwilling to discuss.

Luca's complicated, and so is the romance that develops between the main characters. Throw in an Italian
Smut Hut
****3.5 Stars****
This was a great story idea......
I really enjoyed the sexy times and the action.
Saying all that it was really slow for me. I kept having to take breaks and I found myself trying to skim ahead. I became bored at times. This was so disappointing because I loved where it was going and I was anticipating the next big thing.
So overall a good story....just not for me. I will check out other stories from this author to see if we mesh better in the future.

ARC Received for honest revie
*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

When Journalist Skylar Shaw meets Luca Rossi all, she looking for is more information on a recent plane crash except the mysterious Italian wants remain anonymous and, therefore, is giving very little away. Luca is hiding a secret, and being a Journalist Skylar doesn’t give up easily. Soon there is a lot more between then just the research for a story about a plane crash.

“Luca… Well, he was gorgeous and spellbinding. And probably only on the Is
Italian men are hot!! Check out the full review (enter shameless self promotion)
If you are looking for some well fleshed out characters and some steamy romance check out Hot Shade!

I found Skylar and Luca to be relatable and really enjoyed the way they played off of each other. Their romance was full of hot tension that really paid off and I enjoyed that the story played out in a real way. I also loved that Luca was not the stereotypical romance caveman. I feel like sometimes romance authors feel like possessive board line abusive relationships are hot and for me and I suspe
Kat Faitour
Hot Shade, by Tamara Lush is a sexy thrill ride that burns as hot as its sunny Florida setting. If you love romantic suspense, international crime, and compelling characters, look no further. You have found your book.
Jami Leigh
Steamy and delicious! I'm a sucker for hot, rich men and realistic women when it comes to my romance. Skylar's history of abandonment and tragedy crosses with a gentleness that makes her vulnerable still. Which makes her a perfect match for Luca, with his own secrets to hide.

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