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From the Cli-Fi Mail-bag - March 11, 2016 -- Meet Ingrid Alesich, author of cli-fi children's book ''Artemis Flies to the Rescue

Every day we get mail. Here's one from Ingrid Alesich in the mailbox today:

From the Cli-Fi Mail-bag - March 11, 2016 -- Meet Ingrid Alesich, author of cli-fi children's book ''Artemis Flies to the Rescue''

"Artemis Flies to the Rescue"​ is a children's picture book that soars! Written by Ingrid Alesich with sensitivity to children's imaginations, and delightfully illustrated by Sean Wilburn, this is a cli-fi story that deserves a place in every school library in North America.

-- Dan Bloom, editor, The Cli-Fi Report,

***"Curious, empathetic, compassionate: What we should be as human beings."***


Artemis, the albatross, lives on a very big, blue ocean. Her wings are the widest wings in the world. From tip to tip, they can reach each end of a long sailboat, or from toe to head of 3 six year old children lying on the floor. Her strong chest and wings push against heavy ocean winds. She loves to fly far out and plunge deep into the waves catching an octopus, or a lobster, or a fish. She loves to take fish in her gullet back to her family. They live with hundreds of relatives on a lonely island with tall cliffs. Every morning, the adult albatrosses sing and dance together:

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath
and Fire my spirit
We are one.

Then they flap their wings and take flight from the cliffs....

Hello Dan,

      I found your email address on the internet via an inquiry I made  to the University of Toronto.  I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, in Canada, an oil, gas and coal (and unfortunately uranium as well) producing province.  We have a very right wing, pro-big oil and big business government in power.  Unfortunately our provincial NDP (New Democratic Party...the other major party here) is not much different.

I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and Biology from Trent University, Ontario, Canada.  I did this degree in 1979 - 1981, (already had science credits) because I have always been passionate about protecting our natural and built environments to be sustainable and in balance with natural systems.

My children's book, Artemis Flies to the Rescue, has been well received here and adults as well as children say they are learning a lot from it.  I am getting readings in my local area here at schools and libraries.

I am sending you a a copy of my book, so that you can read it and perhaps, if you would be willing, help promote the book.  [ I said "Sure!" ]

My thought is that parents, grandparents, daycare workers, librarians, teachers, and others who read this book, will be educated about the basic causes of climate change and be inspired to change to renewable energy resources, and demand politicians listen to them to change our infrastructures.  High hopes I know.  I included lesson plans for teachers in the Glossary/Appendix on Climate Change, Plastic Pollution in oceans, and Renewable Energy Resources.  I utilized the problem of plastics (also a horrendous problem and product of the oil industry) as a tangible thing that children can relate to.

I have a new website: with more information about the book.


I am sure you must be very busy, so I appreciate any help or feedback you can give me.

Ingrid Alesich

Artemis is an albatross who loves our water planet, Earth. She is upset about huge islands of plastic garbage in the oceans. Some of these have killed many of her relatives and other sea life. She flies all over the planet to find out where the killer plastic comes from. On her long travels, she sees people and animals suffering from climate change. She finds out connections between the two big problems. However, she discovers some wonderful solutions in one area of the world. Artemis and her relatives decide to make plans to help all the people on all the continents to reverse the damage and clean up the oceans.

Go to this U-Tube link to learn the chant from the book.

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More information on Albatrosses and Climate Change

Links and notes from the final page of “Artemis Flies to the Rescue”
Artemis was the goddess of innocence, the hunt, the moon and the natural environment. She was one of many goddesses of naure in ancient Greek mythology.
The albatross is the world’s biggest bird that normally roams around the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.
There are different kinds of albatrosses, but the biggest one has a wingspan of 3.5 metres. They can drink salty sea water without getting sick. They can fly 1,800 kilometres in 24 hours  and they spend many hours hunting for squid, crabs, lobsters, fish and krill. They carry all this food in their gullets and fly all the way home to vomit their food down the throats of their hungry, wide-mouthed babies.
Albatross links:
<— the picture at left is from the a-z animals site
at  search Albatross
Climate change means the changes of temperature on the planet caused by human beings burning oil, gas and coal ( fossil fuels) in industries, cars, power plants and machines over the last 100 years. The carbon smoke is carbon dioxide which you often can’t see, except at coal plants where it comes out as black smoke. It traps heat and is causing extreme changes in weather.
Climate Change links
PureEnergies_germany2Lesson Plans for all grades:
Renewable energy:    
The photo at right is from the PureEnergies site.  —>
Plastic garbage in the oceans:

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Children’s Author Reading at Regina Beach

Saturday, January 30th at Regina Beach, Ingrid was one of two authors doing readings .

Ingrid's Poster

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