Friday, March 25, 2016

UPDATE PERSONAL NOTE TO PAOLO BACIGALUPI: Climate activist Dan Bloom sincerely extends olive branch to Paolo B. and says sorry and says "Let's make peace and create a truce. And all this will end. Promise.

Paolo, I am  sincerely extending an olive branch to you and saying ''sorry'' and  says "Let's make peace and create a truce. And all this will  end. Promise.''
Paolo, if you feel that I have been acting in ways that you feel were hurtful to you and others, and if anything I have done has made you feel that way, then I sincerely apologize to you with this note here, and say "sorry." I didn't mean to do or say anything that was hurtful but if anything i did or said was, then I say sorry you, and I mean it, and just as someone else you know was able to extend his hand in friendship and make a truce and call for peace, just last week, and that truce has been holding up well and will for the rest of time, then I do feel you and I am also here extending my hand to you in peace and friendship and calling for a mutal truce. Just send me a signal by one of your tweets on your own feed, and I or one of my friends will see it, and I once I see that you accept this offer and a truce and peace, then all this over, and I promise to put an end to this, and no more  of this. Can do? I am waiting your signal. I am sincere in this. I know you are a sincere person too. We should both be fighting climate change in our own ways, and that's what most important. So let's put aside our differences now and let bygones be bygones, and we can then move on. You go back to your important work as a novelist, whose work I admire and respect deeply, and I can go back to my work, too.
Peace? I am for it. You? Send me a signal, and it's done.

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