Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dayton Daily News excerpts brief section from JK Ullrich's survey of cli-fi in the ATLANTIC magazine (link)


'Cli-fi' a growing genre

By Ideas and Voices team at the Dayton Daily News in OHIO
From The Atlantic article by JK Ullrich: “Since the turn of the millennium, cli-fi has evolved from a subgenre of science fiction into a class of its own. Unlike traditional sci-fi, its stories seldom focus on imaginary technologies or faraway planets. Instead the pivotal themes are all about Earth, examining the impact of pollution, rising sea levels, and global warming on human civilization. And the genre’s growing presence in college curriculums, as well as its ability to bridge science with the humanities and activism, is making environmental issues more accessible to young readers — proving literature to be a surprisingly valuable tool in collective efforts to address global warming.”

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