Wednesday, August 5, 2015

David Rothman of TeleRead on why 'Cli-Fi' is an important genre

The literary term of  ''Cli-Fi'' (a shortening of “Climate Fiction”) is a neologism that has been recognized by the Sierra Club as well as Wikipedia and NPR in its original April 20, 2013 broadcast reported by Angela Evanice and introduced by Scott Simon. The Sierra club says that 'Cli-Fi' is about “dystopias born from climate change chaos.” But not all 'Cli-Fi' is about dystopias born from climate change chaos, nor is such a definition in the original Cli-fi ''charter.'' Cli-fi novels and movies may take place in the past, the present, the near future or the distant future, and they may be dystopian or utopian, depending on how the author himself or herself wants to tell the story. The ''story'' is everything. The genre is just a platform.

Says David Rothman, CEO of TeleRead: "Just the existence of a name for the Cli-Fi genre may encourage the writing of more novels within the category, as well as the critical study of them. That can only be good for both society and literature."

Well said, David!

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