Saturday, August 8, 2015

ASU Professor Joni Adamson teaching cli-fi lit class this fall semester (see course details here)

Environmental Literary Criticism: From Environmental Justice to Cli-Fi

ENG 468, 3 Credit Hours, SLN 86545, Fall 2015

Joni Adamson, Professor, Environmental Humanities
Director, Environmental Humanities Certificate
Department of English



This is a core course for the Environmental Humanities Certificate:
Fulfills the L and/or HU General Education requirements

In 1993, when a small group of literary critics gathered to form an organization focused on environmental issues, no one could have predicted that 20 years later, environmental literary criticism would be the catalyst for the formation of the environmental humanities, a field that is now at the center of discussions on the world stage in places that include the UN Environmental Programme and its research initiative, Future Earth.

 In this course, we will study the trajectory of development of the field from environmental justice ecocriticism, to postcolonial ecological criticism, to the newly-emerging emphasis in the environmental humanities on “cli-fi” [er, climate fiction].

In September, we will begin the course by attending a lecture by famed cli-fi author Paolo Bacigalupi. We will also cover new opportunities that are opening up for environmental humanists both inside and outside academia, in NGOs, business, sustainability, technology, engineering, and science.

For more information about the course, and a reading list, please contact Professor Adamson at her email.

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