Tuesday, August 18, 2015

David Rothman on ''the rise of cli fi as an important way to promote the writing of good novels within the genre"

''Point is, we’re not just talking about a word here. Just by coming up with a good, snappy description of the genre, the [cli-fi team] [worldwide] is promoting the writing of books within it.''

Another observer of the cli-fi meme has noted: "The term "cli-fi" has achieved solid standing in discussions of contemporary fiction, as many references suggest [at The Cli Fi Report link farm] and the 'cli-fi' horse is long out of the barn. In popular entertainment, it crystalizes our various concerns about what may await us and our children, it's effective and useful. [When, a while back,] I was interviewed on a TV station --a three-minute segment-- the interviewer's first question (she had not read my novel) was about the nature of "cli-fi" fiction. 'Cli-fi' is [now] established in the world...'

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