Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vissarion: the Russian Messiah, 2nd Coming of Jesus?

Climate change, global warming, go figure. This is for real. Google him. He has 400,000 followers so far. More coming soon. This is just the beginning of end of the world poseurs. Prepare.

Vissarion founded and heads a religious movement known as the Church of the Last Testament with its head church in the Siberian taiga in the Minusinsk Depression east of Abakan in the southern Siberia Kuraginsk district of Krasnoyarsk territory. He has around 400,000 followers (called Vissarionites) in around thirty villages in the immediate vicinity of his base at Sun City, while having approximately 1,000,000 followers around the world. Is the END near? Not until 2500 A.D. -- we still have 30 more generations to go. Enjoy!

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