Monday, September 28, 2009

Humanity's suicide note at Copenhagen and the need to plan polar cities now

The head of the European Union said this the other day: "If we do not
get it together before and during the Copenhagen meetings in December,
and get the 250 page document done right, if we don't come together
and get it right, the Copenhagen document will be seen as humanity's
suicide note to the future..."

Paraphrasing, of course. Go see what he said. He did use the term
"suicide note."

Andy, it's way too late to build a cathedral now. For the past two
years i have been watching everyone argue here on Dot Earth about
every which way to go and even today, above, everyone is still
arguing. This is how we will go out, arguing to the end. And the End
is not near, it won't happen for another 500 years or so, but it has
begun. Rather than build a cathedral, we need to start building....... polar
cities, Andy. Planning them, siting them, pre-building them. Those
will be the cathedrals that save the remnants of humankind. Ask James
Lovelock. Why does nobody listen to him? Oh, I forgot, he is an old
man who is off his rocker so why listen to him? SIGH.

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