Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the run-up to Coping with Copenhagen, Dec. 7-`16, 2009

I wrote this for the print edition of the New York Times, but it was rejected, of course. But here is what you might have read in the print edition of the August NYTimes, if the editors of the letters section allowed it to run:

Dear Editors in Your Airconditioned Nightmare Rooms:

When the historic climate talks begin in Copenhagen on Dec. 7, there will, of course, be many colorful and creative protests by social activists from around the world. There will be large balloons floating above city squares with banners protesting the continued use of coal and oil and other fossil fuels. There will be
marches, sit-ins, outdoor parades and a many a loud "cri de coeur" from concerned invididuals and groups visiting Copenhagen.

One protest that has been planned involves a team of climate activists unleashing a controlled, non-fatal self-immolation protest using Hollywood stunt suits so that nobody dies or gets burned from the very real flames. The group is calling itself SIPREP (self-immolation public relations protest). To see projected and rehearsed images, go to:



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