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National Preparedness Month Preps Us For '2012' the Movie and Later, THE ROAD, on Oct. 16th

National Preparedness Month Preps the World For '2012' and "The Road" and Polar Cities in our Future

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We're enjoying this new advertisement from by Cramer-Krassalt for National Polar City Preparedness Month which encourages people to be ready for any kind of disaster the universe might throw our way. Like global warming on a massive scale in the year 2323. Or even now, soon.

Even the inexplicable, gravity-defying kind. As a family and all their belongings are tossed about in slow motion, an announcer asks, "What if a disaster strikes without warning? What if life as you know it has completely turned on its head? What if everything familiar becomes everything but?"

It's beautifully done and, with the simple grab of a preparedness kit duffel bag at the end of the spot, the message is clearly delivered. When disaster strikes, you had better be ready. The calmness of it all makes you stop and think and ask yourself, what would you really do if disaster stuck? How would you react? Would you be prepared? Where would you go?

Although if you watch the upcoming Roland Emmerich flick, 2012, it would seem all the preparedness kits in the world might as well be duffel bags filled with Styrofoam packing chips. Oh, but wait! That might actually be a good thing considering the size of the tidal waves that movie will deliver.

But, better safe than sorry.

The campaign's emphasis on U.S. citizens' self-preparedness seems to confirm what most Americans already know: We'd better not rely on our government for help in times of disaster. This latest PSA, timed to coincide with the start of National Preparedness Month, was fashioned by Cramer-Krasselt and features some nicely done special effects. We never learn what the disaster is. Climate chaos? Mass migrations north to polar cities? Nuclear war? Earthquake? Genetically re-engineered dinosaurs? Whatever it is, it's obvious that the shit has hit the fan (and is seriously messing with gravity), so we'd better have our preparedness kits handy. Speaking of dinosaurs, the opening shot of the toy raptor sends a neat subliminal message about extinction for those who are unprepared for the worst.

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