Sunday, September 6, 2009

Climate Protests Pre-Copenhagen 2009, OR, "Coping with Copenhagen"


Kolkata shopping said...

Kolkata is my home city and I love this city. I am proud of being part of this city. I like your blog. its really very nice

eikostate said...

Eikostate wants do something to support the activists which are fighting against climate change in the Copenhangen summit. This is our voice.

dan said...

this a fantastic song, i loved it, wow the words WE STILL BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS US, who wrote the lyrics, i want to get in touch with him or her.....who is the group, website, wow wow i love this song, please email me offline at danbloom AT gmail DOT com to chat on this...i will help you promote this song, it is one of the best i have heard ever to promote fighting climate change....THANKS