Thursday, September 3, 2009

UPDATED: Denial by photo agency that crying glacier photo was faked or photoshopped

UPDATED: September 6, 2009

The "crying face" on a glacier in Norway is a genuine photo by Michael S. Nolan

Mr Nolan tells this blog in an UPDATE on SUNDAY, Sept. 6:

This image is absolutely as I
took it, no manipulation other than slight cropping and sharpening.
Nothing added or taken away. This is exactly how the image appeared.
The feeling of this being a face was of course totally overwhelming
and immediate. Once I connected to the face I couldn't see the ice cap
in any other way. I leave the interpretation of the face and the tears
of the waterfall to the viewer.
-- Mike S. Dolan

The News Photo Agency swears the photo is a true photo, taken by Michael Nolan, USA citizen while visiting Norway this past summer.

Three letters say the photo is not fake or photoshopped, but a true real photo.

Dear NorthwardHo,

I can assure you 100% that this image is not faked and has not been faked in any way.

We are providing some of the highest quality images from around the world to the biggest media publications and broadcasters in the world.

Furthermore, we woould never seek to dilute the serious matter of climate change and we actively avoid photographs that have been photoshopped.

If you speak to the World Glacier Monitoring Service, you will find that the crying face in the ice-sheet is genuine and has actually existed for a number of years.

_________ ______

Barcroft Media,Unit 9, 14 Southgate Road
London, N1 3LY

Check out our website

tel: UK country code +44 (0)845 370 2233


Furthermore, as I journalist, I assume you will be researching your article, and establishing whether your belief is true before you publish anything?

I am confident that once you have spoken with the WGMS, and realise the face exists, that you will be satisfied enough not to publish anything suggesting that the image has been faked.

Look forwards to heating from you.


____ ______

Barcroft Media,Unit 9, 14 Southgate Road
London, N1 3LY


We are a news agency delivering news and features to national newsdesks and broadcasters in 52 countries.

We ran the original story and distributed the story to The Sun in the UK. They have used [our] copy.

[We]interviewed Michael Nolan.

That's how [THE SUN and the world media] got it.

It is of little relevance to us if bloggers out there do not believe the face exists.

We deliver news and the readers can discuss it in any way they see fit.

If you are interested in purchasing the images and copy, tell me what country you are in and I will direct you to our agents in that territory.


_____ ______


Anonymous said...

Letter 4

Dear sirs

As said, speak to the World Glacier Monitoring Service.

Jon Ove Hagen, who heads up their Norway division, has been visiting the Austfonna ice-shelf for 25 years.

He will tell you the crying face has existed for a number of years.

Furthermore, Micahael Nolan is an extremely respected marine photographer who has captured some of the world's best marine wildlife pictures.

He certainly would not deal with fake images.

Photo Agency

Anonymous said...

a new comment on your post "Crying Face in Glacier: Fake Photoshopped Photo or...":

As a photoshop guru, I was able to find a 700 x 459 (pixels) photo at 72 DPI on the web. There is quite a bit of bitmapping in areas that shouldn't have it, and this can be caused by using the clone or stamp tool without appropriate softness added. Unfortunately, without the original, high-res photo, it is impossible to say for certain. Using layer blending, this image can be easily created and passed off as an original, especially at 72 dpi. Low resolution is very forgiving when you make mistakes. So my expert opinion is that it's been faked, with the caveat that barcroft should make the hi-res available and just put a watermark on it to prevent theft.

Anonymous said...


Hi-res have been printed in several national newspapers around the world today.

Have guru JK look at those.

Barcroft Media,Unit 9, 14 Southgate Road
London, N1 3LY

Anonymous said...


re trying to reach Michael Nolan

He's very difficult to get hold of as he travels around the worls on photo shoots.

He is currently on a boat in Alaska so his comms are limited,

If it helps, the guys on our photo-desk have over 30 years experience in photography and could spot a fake.

Futhermore, National newspapers in the UK such as the Times, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Express have hundreds of years experience between them and DO NOT RUN FAKES ON THEIR PAGES.

Similarly, we do not distribute fakes.

I'm pretty certain our photo editors skills with photoshop possibly exceed your friend's, so please be reassured on the matter and rest easy.

The photo is real. I am sure Nolan will get back to you once he has a chance to check his inbox.

Be careful how you tread as he is extremely passionate about climate change and will not take kindly to having a suggestion put to him that his work is fake.


Photo agency

Anonymous said...

Move over Al Gore, NBC's Meredith Vieira and Natalie Morales have discovered the new face of global warming and it's a glacier. In the latest bit of goofy global warming nonsense Morales reported, on Thursday's "Today", that a photographer in Norway caught a picture of "what appears to be a face crying a river of tears as a glacier melts into the sea." To which "Today" co-host Vieira exclaimed, "That's gonna be the new image of global warming, right there."

The following exchange was aired on the September 3, "Today" show:

NATALIE MORALES: And in Norway take a look at this image a photographer caught of what appears to be a face crying a river of tears as a glacier melts into the sea. That particular glacier has been shrinking as much as 160 feet a year for decades. That is truly a remarkable shot there. 7:10am right now. Back to Meredith, Lester and Stephanie Abrams.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: That's gonna be the new image of global warming, right there.

MORALES: Absolutely. Environmentalists are gonna be using that picture everywhere. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Uk friend says to me just now: "I had a look at it on the Daily Mail website (then quickly left before my brain rotted), and it looks real enough to me. Of course, it's like seeing the Blessed Virgin in a tortilla: some would weep and claim it was a miracle, I'd just think, "Ooh, we're having Mexican for dinner."

It's either a projection of the mind or from imaging software. Either way, I'm not fussed. The real miracle is if Daily Mail readers think climate change is real!"

Anonymous said...

If it existed for a number of years then it isn't melting is it.
The man in the moon is laughing his face off. This is just proof that the GW crowd has become a religous movement.


Anon above at 11:49 am

" If it existed for a number of years then it isn't melting is it.
The man in the moon is laughing his face off. This is just proof that the GW crowd has become a religous movement."

Wait wait. This is not about AGW, this is just about whether a specific photo is genuine or fake. The GW crowd, there is NO crowd, we are all invidiuals, and it is not a religious movement. Please do not use this blog for that kind of talk. Let's find out if the photo is real or not. Okay?

Cheers, Anon

we are all in this together...



That's good, sir, I salute you!


"I am a food advocate. I love to cook and grow my own food. I grew up on a family farm in West Texas where my family has been for 4 generations. I received an undergraduate degree in International Business and Spanish from Texas Tech University and a double masters in Business and Government from Johns Hopkins University. Currently I work as an agriculture lobbyist in Washington DC where I dedicate my time to the protection of the American farmer."

Anonymous said...

Meet Our Expedition Leaders




Michael Nolan was born in the small town of Bitburg, Germany to an Air Force family stationed there. His first ocean experience came at the age of 12 when he learned to snorkel in the Mediterranean in Italy. At age 17 he moved to Tucson, Arizona and became a PADI SCUBA instructor. He then started a SCUBA diving business that specialized in diving trips to the Sea of Cortez.

Over the next 10 years Michael certified hundreds of new SCUBA divers and led thousands of people to dive locations in the Sea of Cortez and around the world. In 1990 he moved to the Caribbean to live and work on a dive boat based on the island of St. Marten. By the end of the year he had received his U.S. Coast Guard 100 ton Masters License. Since that time he has continued his travels in the Caribbean and began a new career in marine photography. He worked with National Geographic dolphin researchers in the Bahamas throughout the 90’s, as well as running trips to the Silver Banks in the Dominican Republic to study and photograph Atlantic Humpback Whales. Today he is an award-winning photographer who specializes in intimate portraits of marine animals. He has traveled the oceans of the world in search of what he believes are the world's most magnificent beings. His photography has appeared in hundreds of magazines, calendars, and books in over 45 countries worldwide. He currently "migrates" with the whales, spending his winters in the warmer tropical latitudes where whales mate and give birth and his summers in the cooler higher latitudes where animals migrate to feed.

Anonymous said...

philincalifornia (11:51:07) :

Ella Jones (11:19:40) :

FAKE GLACIER CRYING FACE photos photoshopped? Evidence says FAKED

Wow. Now they’re trying to outdo weeping statues of Jesus and images of the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast !!!

Did this make it onto RealClimate yet ?? Heh heh heh.

Anonymous said...

It is patently ridiculous to anthropomorphize a glacier. Sick sick sick.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"We left Mike Nolan a message - he's away now at sea (photography) - but as soon as he gets my message I know he'll respond. When he does, I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Your messages have both been received and forwarded over to Mike Nolan. He is scheduled to start our Alaska program tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Colossal crying face in glacier?

September 3, 2009

by Tom Berg, Staff Writer

Marine photographer Michael Nolan snapped this picture of the Austfonna Ice Cap during his annual trip to the Arctic Ocean to observe glaciers.

The ice cap carrying this so-called “image of Mother Nature crying,” is shrinking by as much as 160 feet every year, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, which ran this picture online today. Poetic. But hardly proof that this is anyone’s face (let alone “Mother Nature’s”), crying.

As my brother Pete once said, “People see faces on Mars, in roast beef sandwiches, in widows. Put two dots and a line under it and you’ve got a face. It’s the way people are programmed. People see faces everywhere.”

Usually, for some reason, they’re Mother Mary (like this woman who saw an image of Mother Mary in her brain scan). When Michael Jackson died, someone coincidentally “discovered” an image of the pop star on a tree stump in his yard.

I love all these “face” stories. Not because I think they’re true. But because they show how gullible we are. Whatever we believe.

Anonymous said...

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