Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "crying face" on a glacier in Norway is a genuine photo by Michael S. Nolan


This website has confirmed that the famous crying face, tears of Nature, that seems to appear on the face of a glacier in Norway is in fact a genuine photo taken by Michael S. Nolan on July 19, 2009 during a trip to Norway. Mr Nolan told this blog:

"This image is absolutely as I
took it, no manipulation other than slight cropping and sharpening.
Nothing added or taken away. This is exactly how the image appeared.
The feeling of this being a face was of course totally overwhelming
and immediate. Once I connected to the face I couldn't see the ice cap
in any other way. I leave the interpretation of the face and the tears
of the waterfall to the viewer."

- Mike S. Nolan

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Anonymous said...

Aloha from the Shetland Islands in the North Atlantic!

I work with National Geographic photogs on every trip I run...

Choose to believe as you will, there seems to be nothing I can say or do that will change your mind really. Kind of a sad statement about our society when you are willing to disparage someone you have never met because of some "evidence" from something totally unrelated. Try and find something productive to do with your time, you seem like you do have positive things to offer the world, don't get mired down in the negative...I'm certainly not!

Claudia, thanks for the support. The wonderful thing about the truth is it doesn't really matter what someone who doesn't know chooses to believe!

It all is rather sad, on so many levels...

Gannets and fulmars are circling the ship as I write, time to go enjoy nature!

Have a great day!