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Risto Isomaki in Finland has published a new cli-fi novel in Finnish only titled CHILDREN OF THE DELUGE

Dear Dan,

A letter today from Finnish novelist Mr. Risto Isomaki, author of new cli-fi novel titled CHILDREN OF THE DELUGE, (published now in Finnish only, but not yet translated or published in English)

'' Vedenpaisumuksen Lapset'' (Children of the Deluge) [''lapset'' is Finnish for ''children'']
Here is Risto speaking on YouTube in Finnish for one hour video.
EDITOR's NOTE: [Risto Isomäki (born June 8, 1961 in Turku) is a Finnish author of science fiction books. His 2005 novel The Sands of Sarasvati (Sarasvatin hiekkaa) was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 2005 and won the Tähtivaeltaja Award in 2006.[1] Two of his novels, The Sands of Sarasvati (Into, 2013) and Lithium-6 (AmazonCrossing, 2015) have been published in English, along with a graphic novel adaptation of The Sands of Sarasvati (Tammi, 2008). His latest novel in 2020 is CHILDREN OF THE DELUGE is a cli-fi novel.]
Kirjailija Risto Isomäki
Dear Dan, Thank you for your message - and for your interest in my new novel!


I would say that ''Children of the Deluge'' is pure ''climate fiction.''  The scientific speculations in it are mostly directly related to climate science and glaciology.  The main point is to ask, whether multiplied production of icebergs from Greenland and the Antarctic could cause a new Dansgaard-Oeschger event (a mini ice age) by increasing the reflectivity (albedo) of the North Atlantic, North Pacific and the Southern Ocean.  If this happens, global warming could actually temporarily lead to major cooling of especially North-Western Europe, before the heating impact of the greenhouse gases again begins to dominate the situation when the floating ice masses melt.

The novel has some other aspects, though.  Above all, it presents a slightly modified/improved version of the old aquatic ape or marine ape theory, according to which the thirty or so anatomic features humans have and  otherwise only exist in marine mammals can be explained by ancestor species that used to live in the water.  I'm saying that this is unlikely but that all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle click together nicely if we assume that there were no aquatic ancestor species but that our own species is and has always been semi-aquatic.  This idea is strongly supported by anatomic and paleontological evidence. In other words I am saying that it would be a disastrous mistake to think that mermaids do not exist, you probably saw thousands of them when you last went out in a city.

At the moment, I don't know when the book will be published in English.  My literary agency (Bonnier Rights) is looking for an English publisher now. 

- Risto

''Vedenpaisumuksen lapset''

Risto Isomäki
Julkaistaan: syyskuu 1, 2020 (Published in Finland by Into)
Tyyppi: spekulatiivinen fiktio
Tyylit: scifi, historia, jännitys
Avainsanat: ekokatastrofit, kotimainen
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