Sunday, June 7, 2020

Professor Julia Leyda – "What is cli-fi and why do we need it?"

Z om apokalypse og film: går det bra til slutt?

June 5, 2020

INTRO: Inspired by Paul Schrader's popular American cli-fi movie ''First Reformed'', it was apocalyptic that the time had come for the first Z last fall, but we had always found that number to come out in the middle of a pandemic. But that's how it became, scary now that we've got a smack of worldwide pandemics, we can well argue that apocalypse is doing its best on film. That is why we offer texts on cli-fi (climate fiction), zombies, neoliberalism, artificial intelligence and how the disaster tends to look like in Norwegian film, and keeps us away from virus films in this way.
Julian Leyda - What is cli-fi, and why do we need it? In recent decades, a new film genre called cli-fi has entered the scene since 2011: the ''climate fiction'' films, also called ''cli-fi'' by its American coiner Dan Bloom at The Cli-Fi Report. A genre of film capture increases in line with our understanding that we have entered the Anthrocenic age. Man's in nature has taken over and left an impression on the globe that nonkeke can be erased. Professor Julia Leyda PhD gives an introduction to this new - and exciting - genre.
Julian Leyda - Away with the grave grave! About humor and irony in cli-fi
 Can you imagine the terrible and depressing times that the climate crisis and the million dollar threat in the film? Can you imagine the humor that can be a very effective means of combating the climate crisis that is so prevalent, for example, being able to live with the climate crisis on a small scale.

Julia Leyda - Hva er cli-fi, og hvorfor trenger vi det?

 De siste tiårene har a ny filmgenre entret scenen: Klimafiksjonsfilmene, også kalt cli-fi. A genre of filmtilfanget øker in takt med vår innsikt in dat we har gått inn in het anthroposene tidsalderen. Menneskets in nature has tatt overhånd and etterlatt an inntrykk on kloden som ikkekeke can viskes ut. Julia Leyda gir a introducion to this new - and exciting - genre.

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