Friday, June 19, 2020

Cli-Fi Blog Interview With a Cli-Fi Movie Fan in the Far West with 6 questions for Dan Bloom

Cli-Fi Blog Interview

1.  what drew you in to promoting "cli-fi" as a new literary genre for
climate fiction novels?
In 2011, i was beginning to get very worried about how the media in general was ignoring climate change issues. So i decided to to put the cli-fi term out there as an eye catching buzzword for headlines and book reviews. Somehow, it caught on.

2. Why do you find it important to promote environmental issues with novels and movies? Novels and movies with cli-fi themes can impact millions of fans across the world.

3. How tricky is it to use metaphor to try and frame real world issues? Very tricky. Not easy. But it's very important for 
climate science to inform climate fiction.

4. What are your favorite pieces of Cli-Fi to date?
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. Water Knife by paolo bacigalupi.

5. Where do you see cli-fi going and what does the future of Cli-Fi look like to you? I think cli-fi will really take off in the 2020s and 2030s. Its future is promising. Publishers and movie people are getting behind it.

6. What
do you hope to see?
I see both despair and hope. The climate emergency we are in is not a pretty picture, to be sure. But my DNA is based on optimism and hope. So i plan to soldier on as a cli-fi promoter via my website and my blog posts and tweets.

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