Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Meet Iris, the 11-year-old British girl who whose brief climate protest video will break you heart


This is the moment caught on a brief 20 second video clip that an emotional 11-year-old girl broke down in tears during a recent climate change rally in the UK.

Her name is Iris and she was one of the youngsters who was speaking at an outdoor public protest in Truro, south-west England, when it all became too much for her.

“I love our planet and I don’t want it ever to stop,” said Iris, with other children surrounding her outside county hall in the Cornish city.If we do want everything to stop then we’re going the right way about it at the moment.”

“This isn’t good,” she added, beginning to cry.

The youngster was one of thousands to take part in a nationwide demonstration calling on the government to do more on global warming.

It was part of a burgeoning European movement that has seen protests in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland and now also in Australia, France, Canada and the USA, also Japan and China.

They were inspired by Swedish student Greta Thunberg, now 16, who has been skipping school every Friday to protest about climate change in front of the Swedish parliament

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