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She's from Kent: her name Sian McCallister, @sian_mcal is her Twitter ID...丨A lively and animated discussion on the [mean] ''sunny'' streets of London during the "UK Student Strike for Climate"

Bella Lack   @BellaLack           
''I’m not sure who she is, but she’s a hero.''

Her name is Sian McCallister, Twitter ID is @sian_mcal

''When you’re scrolling through Twitter and by chance you come across a video of yourself!!!

========================= TO RECAP

It began like this:
16 year old British student Bella Lack posted this 2-minute video on her Twitter feed on February 16, depicting a very interesting and lively and animated and at times heated discussion on the streets of London between Sian McAllister, a 16 year old student from Kent who was in London for the climate strike (we are working at finding out her  age and school at this blog continues) and a 39 year old public transportation worker named Dave who tweets at @Daveboy79 ...a discussion that went viral gliral (globally viral in other words) on Twitter with hundreds of comments and thousands of page views worldwide. Please watch the video first and then watch it again two more times. Try to see both sides of the discussion, try to hear both sides of the discussion, and then read the rest of this blog post below.

Bella Lack posted the video clip, although we are not sure who took the video. Perhaps Bella, perhaps a friend, perhaps someone else that Bella does not know, but Bella posted the clip.

The man in the video is a British chap named Dave who tweets at @Daveboy79. The student who is addressing Dave is a young woman whose name and age we are still trying to pin down, but I think everyone reading this will agree that she is very articulate, informed, passionate and determined. At the same time, mild-mannered Dave, who whose full name and exact age and job in public transport we are still tryint to pin down via our sources in London and who we have contacted by Twitter and are awaiting his replies tomorrow, UK time, joined in the discussion and was as friendly and warm in his own way -- and yet the exchange between the two people just goes to show how far apart the divided sides in the climate debate still are, and as the approaching Climapocalypse gets closer and closer over the next 30 generations, this kind of discussion will go on and on, and both sides should be listened to. I listened to both sides. I hope you will, too. We all have  a lot of learn from this.

There's a chance some enterprising TV program in the UK will arrange to invite both the student and Dave on a morning talk show to chat with the hosts for a ten minute segment next week, if the TV producers can find the contact info for both of them and contact them to appear on the show.


Here is some of what Dave said on Twitter with other comments added in as well:

Many impolite people on Twitter attacked Dave for his appearance and other things, often in unkind ways, and rather than get angry and reply in kind, Dave replied in soft-spoken low-key ways with humor and wit, such as here:

family and music. @daveboy79           
DAVE Replying to
''So I’d like to take this time to say that what isn’t shown in this long THREAD are the points where I agreed with this articulate young lady! Also why do people stoop to insulting people about their appearance? Hey ho. On with life!! Peace and love!!"
FOR EXAMPLE when William John @WilliamJWrites           
Replying to asked on Twitter, referring to Dave as a GAMMON:
''Who's the gammon, and why has he taken it upon himself to try and fight her?''
DAVE replied to William this way: ''No fight, discussion.''
"Cli-Fi" follows @GretaThunberg @climateblooms    REPLIED TO:       
''Yes it was *not* a fight. A good now viral gliral discussion. Two good intelligent people. We need to get along. Dave was gentleman, age 39. She was articulate, age 16. Both people are important. Listen again.''
Then someone asked Dave what he does for a job. He replied to Clare:

clare connolly @clare_con_nolly  WHO HAD REPLIED          

''Amazing! To all the nay Sayers out there saying the kids were just thinking off, you've got not clue. They know the issues, shame you dont. Arguing with a teen about what they do for climate change, how about what do you do?''

DAVE REPLIED TO CLARE: ''Actually I work in UK public transport, taking kids to school, people on trips. Saving thousands of car journeys every year!!! You're welcome!''
  1. Jeremy McBurney @mcburney_jeremy 15 hours ago
  1. JEREMY Replying to
  2. ''This stuff makes me cry, when young people are so well informed and then actively opposed by an ill-informed cultural hegemony.''
    1. Replying to
    2. DAVE SAID: "I actually had to look this word CULTURAL HEGEMONY up!!! Bit harsh!''
    Keepingitreal @diggitytimes           
       Replying to
    ''She is a hero, very inspiring, that *weight-challenged geezer* is failing...badly.''
    ''Hey. I’ve lost 4 stones and still losing. 😊Go me!!!''
    Mike Billington @Billington_Book 10 hours ago
    Replying to and referring to DAVE as a fat white male politician:
    ''So, another fat, white, male, politician telling people that everything is okay... meanwhile, thousands are dying from climate-related events including droughts, hurricanes, and fires...''
    ''Fat yes, it is shifting slowly though! White, true! Male, questionable. Politician!! Sir you have crossed a line that may well lead to A fall out!! I am but a humble working class person paying my mortgage.''
    ''Babyboomer!!! I’m not that old despite appearances.''
    WHEN VEGANOEAN TWEETE: ''Things we no longer accept in 2019: 1. Climate change
    2. Middle aged men trying to silence passionate young women.
    DAVE REPLIED: ''Didn’t silence her we had a discussion!!''

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