Friday, July 20, 2018

My personal 4-minute video reaction to Roy Scranton's essay collection "We're Doomed. Now What?"

Climate activist and founder of ''The Cli-Fi Report'' Danny Bloom speaks for 4 minutes here:

English professor and climate activist Roy Scranton published his new nonfiction book of climate essays titled ''We're Doomed. Now What?" in July 2018 and here is my personal bedside 4-minute late-at-night video reaction to his doomsday message.

I like Roy and I like his book: he is a very good writer and thinker. But in his new book of essays, I feel he goes too far in his doomsday pronouncements and his timeline for ''the shit that will hit the fan'' is much too early and premature. [IMHO.]

The bad stuff won't happen for another 500 years.

I'm not an alarmist. I'm a doomer and gloomer and Bloomer who takes the long view on all this, another 30 generations before The End, so there's time to prepare future generations (our descendants, and Roy's great great great grandchildren times 30) for what they will be facing in 500 years. Not now. His daughter's life will be normal.

Life will go on in the next 100 and 200 years just like it is today. The End is not nigh.

But it is coming, and it will come with a deathly tragic-ness. But 30 generations from now.

That's my long view, Roy.

And this video is mostly for Roy to listen to and react to. I am not trying to persuade anyone to my point of view. Each to his or her own POV.

But this is how I see things, and I have thought long and hard about all this.

That's why I created the cli-fi term for novelists and movie directors to use a literary and cinematic platform to tell their stories, whatever stories they choose to tell. 

Godspeed everyone, even though there is not God, no gods, no angels, no Buddha, no recincarnation and no afterlife.

We come this way but once, and we should all try to make the most of it. I'm doing my best, too. I hope you are, too.

My  personal 4-minute video reaction to Roy Scranton's essay collection "We're Doomed. Now What?"

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