Tuesday, April 3, 2018

JVM endorses the usefulness of the cli-fi genre

‘Annihilation’ author Jeff VanderMeer warmly and personally endorses the rising new genre of ”cli-fi” in Q&A with Pacific Standard

​Yes, in a long interview with a prestigious American magazine, ”Annihilation” author Jeff VanderMeer has warmly and personally endorsed the rising new genre of ”cli-fi’‘ — and cli-fi novelists as well — in far-ranging Q&A with reporter John Maher at Pacific Standard magazine.​ VanderMeer, 48, sat down with Pacific Standard to discuss that future, his books, and why “anyone” — not just science fiction writers — can write cli-fi.  Do you think science fiction and speculative fiction are particularly well equipped to address present environmental issues?
JVM: I don’t think it’s a particular domain of science fiction. I think it’s something where we all have areas where we default to foundational assumptions that we should be questioning. I have my own spots like that, I’m absolutely sure, but it’s certainly not when it comes to animal behavior science and things like that.
 is one of America’s most important and well-read novelists exploring climate change in his short stories and novels.

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