Tuesday, April 10, 2018

If you are in NYC today, don't miss this event with Vollmann and Wallace-Wells and Bilodeau

Art & Activism of the Anthropocene Series:

 ''Don't Shoot the Messenger'': The Challenging Cli-Fi Narratives of Climate Change Fiction 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 6:30 PM | Open to the public | Members' Room | free of charge | advance registration required
Climate change is no longer a mere possibility—it's already happening. Glaciers are melting, animal and plant populations are failing, and agricultural practices no longer prevent famine. Around the world, scientists, artists, and activists are addressing climate change in media from nonfiction books to documentary films to live theater. This series brings together writers, journalists, and artists in robust discussion on how they address climate change—and why their work is important in the Anthropocene Era.
Scientists, journalists, and artists agree that more needs to be said and written publicly about climate change, but there's little agreement on how best to have those conversations. These panelists approach climate-change dialogues through different mediums—book-length and magazine journalism, and through theatre. All three also engage in firsthand research to find stories worth telling. They'll discuss their approach to gathering stories, their thoughts on why those stories matter, and the challenges they've faced when shaping issues of climate change into digestible narratives for the public.
William T. Vollmann is a novelist, journalist, war correspondent, and essayist whose latest two-volume project, Carbon Diaries, explores the causes of climate change.
Chantal Bilodeau is the artistic director of the Arctic Cycle, an organization dedicated to creating plays that foster dialogue about climate change. thearcticcycle.org
David Wallace-Wells writes about doomsday and climate and society for New York magazine.

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